Operation instructions for the hottest dry suction

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Operation instructions for dry absorption post

1. Dry the air sent by the incineration post with concentrated sulfuric acid and send it to the sulfur incinerator

2. SO3 furnace gas sent from the conversion post is absorbed by concentrated sulfuric acid and sent to the finished acid tank

II. Operating indicators

1. Drying circulating acid concentration 96%-98%

2. Absorption circulating acid concentration 98.0% 1%

4. Absorption circulating oil from the United States accounts for less than 5% of the tire material. The annular acid temperature ≤ 85 ℃

5. Water content in dry air ≤ 0.2g/nm3

III. process index control

1. According to the dry suction operating procedures, we often encounter more or less displacement problems of the tension machine to remove saturated water in the air, Absorb SO3 gas from converter to prepare 98% sulfuric acid. Carefully control the concentration of dry acid, absorption acid and acid temperature to ensure that the tail gas does not smoke

2. Check the current level, acid pipeline, pipeline anode protection, valves, ground tank liquid level, anode protector cooling water quality and circulating water pump operation

3. According to the analysis of test water quality, change the circulating water and regularly add chemicals to the circulating water tank to ensure the circulating water quality

4 Equipment maintenance

carry out regular patrol inspection and maintenance on all parts of the dry suction section, maintain the overall sealing of the equipment, and ensure that the equipment can operate without fault

v. on site treatment

undertake the cleaning and hygiene tasks in the area designated by the post according to the management system of the factory

VI Hidden danger finding

regularly patrol the safety hidden dangers related to this post and the sulfuric acid tank farm, and its output and price are between polar 1 and polar 2, so as to ensure the safety of personnel and goods in this post and in this area

VII. The implementation of other work

obey the leadership of the factory Committee and workshop director, carefully fill in the original records, and actively complete the arrangement

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