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Thus, it also facilitates the concerns of the majority of users that they are far from being able to see the machine. Engineering material handling operation instructions

material handling work should be planned, organized, directed, supervised and adjusted according to the objective economic law, and strive to complete the transfer of materials with the shortest transportation distance, the lowest cost, the shortest time and the safest measures, so as to ensure that the construction and production needs are used for various devices and parts

1.0 implement the principle of timely, accurate, safe and economic handling

1.1 timely: it refers to using the least time to transport materials from the origin or warehouse to the construction and production site to ensure the needs of construction and production

1.2 accuracy: it refers to ensuring that the materials are good, not messy and not bad during handling

1.3 safety: during the handling of materials, ensure that the quality is intact, the quantity is intact, and there are no accidents such as moisture deterioration, damage, loss, combustion, explosion, etc., so as to ensure the safety of personnel, materials and vehicles

1.4 Economy: it refers to the economic and reasonable selection of handling routes and means of transportation, making full use of means of transportation and loading and unloading personnel, and reducing transportation costs; The four principles of timeliness, accuracy, safety and economy are interrelated and dialectically unified. When organizing material handling, we should consider comprehensively, and do not lose one thing and lose the other, which will affect the smooth completion of the handling work

2.0 strengthen the plan management of materials and coordinate them in an organized way

2.1 the material and tool personnel of the project department shall prepare the material demand plan on a monthly basis according to the project progress and quantities, and prepare the material handling plan according to the priorities after being uniformly balanced and approved by the material department

2.2 carefully organize material delivery; The materials supplied by the engineering company shall be delivered to the site in batches and stages according to the requirements of the project department. The project department must make preparations for the mobilization of materials and cooperate with the loading and unloading to make it go smoothly

2.3 before each handling of bulk materials such as steel, cement, red bricks, sand and gravel, it is necessary to investigate and arrange the transportation roads, site roads and stacking sites, and carry them in place at one time and stack them neatly

2.4 lighting work at the stacking site should be organized for night handling, and rain gear should be carried and covered in rainy days

2.5 during the handling of materials, the material person 7 is to strengthen the promotion, guidance and education of green packaging in the express industry, and train the trainers to organize the escort, and do a good job in the entry and exit registration procedures of the warehouse and the construction site

2.6 the material handling at the construction site shall be stacked by the material and tool personnel of the project department according to the requirements of the civilized construction site based on the long-term consideration of the project progress and construction plan

3.0 establish and improve the handling management system centered on the post system, clarify the scope of responsibilities of handling personnel, strengthen economic accounting, and improve the level of material handling

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