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Linghua technology is about to appear in the "10th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition"

Beijing, April 28, 2016. Linghua technology, a global provider of Intelligent Cloud computing service platforms, customs, embedded computers and industrial application platforms, will make a grand appearance at the 10th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition from May 11 to 13, 2016. This exhibition is a biennial military industry event. Linghua technology will focus on the sound source positioning in harsh environments, as well as the processing of military images higher than 12 Richter than the actual value and other related applications, and make a wonderful appearance at the exhibition site. Welcome to Linghua technology booth: hall 1, China International Exhibition Center (old museum), 1a203. You can register in advance through linghuaguan and receive exquisite gifts at the scene:

sound source positioning system solution based on PXI Express Platform

in modern military applications, accurate sound source positioning can provide powerful data decisions for the command center, such as judging the landing point of bombs, locating the location of snipers, etc. Linghua technology's upcoming sound source positioning system solution consists of microphone array and PXI express data acquisition system. The microphone array adopts 32-bit star array, and the data acquisition system adopts high-speed pxie bus. By using four 8-channel 24 bit high-resolution dynamic signal acquisition cards pxie-9529, the real-time synchronous acquisition and analysis of 32-channel sound signals can be realized. This sound source positioning system can detect 1k~6khz sound sources within the range of 2~8 meters, and the position resolution can be accurate to 5~10cm. The overall refresh rate of the system has reached the industry-leading 25 frames per second, and can capture sound with a duration of only tens of milliseconds. Therefore, it is very suitable for the sound source location measurement and testing system in military applications

in the measurement and testing part, Linghua technology will also display a series of digitizer products specially for Radar/sonar testing applications, as well as vibration/noise signal acquisition and analysis solutions equipped with free time-frequency analysis software

the demand for high-definition military image processing leads to the upgrading of embedded computing platforms.

with the increasingly mainstream of high-definition and ultra-high definition image display technology, the profit space of embedded computing enterprises has been greatly reduced, and the requirements for the image processing capacity of the platform are becoming higher and higher, especially for military applications such as 3D Tactical Simulation and monitoring, geographic database system, UAV detection, All require the computing platform to effectively process and output the collected high-definition images

at this exhibition, Linghua technology will launch two embedded computing platforms to meet the needs of military image processing. One is the military wide temperature cots product hperc. Hperc series has the characteristics of ruggedness, compact structure, high reliability and high efficiency, which can meet the stringent requirements of modern ground vehicles and flight equipment (such as UAV) for swap (size, weight and power consumption). In addition, it can meet the requirements of image processing because it provides GPGPU parallel processing engine and supports two independent display (hdmi/dvi/vga) outputs. Another flexible solution is the computing platform based on VPX. The CPU motherboard and graphics card module can be freely matched according to the actual needs of the application. The VPX image processing solution exhibited this time is to process and output 4-way HD images by matching with VPX display module

in addition, Linghua technology will also show 3u/6u high-performance and highly reliable CompactPCI platform, military wide temperature com express computing module and low-power smarc computing module

welcome to Linghua technology booth: hall 1, China International Exhibition Center (old museum), 1a203

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