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Linglong tire "Partner Conference" was successfully held in Dezhou

on August 23, 2012, Linglong tire "Partner Conference" was held in Dezhou. Wang Feng, chairman and general manager of the company, attended the meeting with relevant leaders of the technology center and the procurement department, and discussed cooperation and development plans with more than 200 supplier representatives from home and abroad. Man Chunzhong, deputy secretary of Dezhou municipal Party committee, and Dong Shaohui, deputy mayor of Dezhou municipal government, were also invited to attend the meeting

the conference was attended by more than 150 upstream and downstream enterprises related to tires at home and abroad. With the theme of "seizing opportunities and win-win cooperation", the conference focused on the development prospects, development strategies, scientific and technological innovation of the tire industry. At the meeting, chairman Wang Feng delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the company and delivered a keynote speech on the operation, development planning and business cooperation between the company and its suppliers in 2012. President Wang said that Linglong is a ship and the supplier is a sail. It is hoped that manufacturers will cooperate closely, face up to difficulties, seize opportunities, forge ahead bravely and jointly climb a new peak of their career. Dongshaohui, vice mayor of Dezhou municipal government, made an important speech. Mayor Dong said that Linglong tire entered Dezhou last year and invested in the construction of 2million sets of all steel radial tires and 10million sets of high-performance semi steel radial tires in Wucheng county. Linglong's entry will further improve the level of Dezhou's auto parts industry, improve the grade of products, and promote the better and faster development of the city's transportation equipment industry. After the morning meeting, secretary Wu Cuiyun of Dezhou municipal Party committee met with the delegates and took a group photo with them

in the afternoon, Ms. lvxiaoyan, the assistant to the general manager of the company, made a report on "procurement strategy and cooperation outlook". The participating suppliers signed a jiandun agreement with the company on the spot, which indicates that in the future cooperation, the two sides will be more closely linked, seize opportunities and win-win cooperation. The meeting was held in a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. The technical center, quality management department and other departments of the company communicated with their partners respectively to understand the needs of both parties, promote the friendship between both parties, and lay a good foundation for further strengthening cooperation and seeking common development between both parties in the future. 5. Open the oil return valve for unloading

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