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Linglong group developed a new type of zigzag tire

in order to meet the domestic supporting and retail sales, the skew Technology Office of Linglong group developed and designed 8 LL167、8. Ll167 new zigzag tire has recently completed the small, medium and large-scale trials of new products, and the properties of the products have reached and exceeded the enterprise's internal technical control standards. It has been compared with the development trend of engineering plastics in Europe and North America; The latest utilization and breakthroughs of engineering plastics in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, electronics and electrical appliances have been smoothly put into normal production

the inner and outer contours of the tires with this series of patterns are optimized, with high carcass safety factor and small carcass deformation. It not only has the advantages of good cushioning performance, high speed, strong load, good anti-skid performance, good wear resistance and crack resistance, but also has novel patterns and beautiful appearance. It is the best choice for long-distance passenger cars and light trucks

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