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Lingyun group introduced a new benchmark in the industry of internationally leading SPC system tree

InfinityQS, the world's leading statistical process control (SPC) software provider, announced that Hebei Lingyun Industrial Group Co., Ltd., a well-known large enterprise group in the domestic automobile manufacturing industry and plastic building materials industry, will fully deploy the SPC Software of infinity in its Hebei Lingyun box manufacturing plant, Help them establish stricter quality standards

as a large modern state-owned group with diversified products in China, Hebei Lingyun Industry Group Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principles of system innovation and scientific and technological innovation, and aimed its business objectives at the international market, striving to build China's auto parts manufacturing base, build China's leading PE pipeline system enterprise, and build Lingyun group into a domestic and internationally renowned large enterprise group

in order to further enhance market competitiveness and product leadership, Lingyun has comprehensively introduced Yingfei infinite real-time SPC solution on the original basis to build a real-time, automatic and leading quality management system

in specific applications, using Yingfei infinite PC-DMIS data acquisition tool, Lingyun operators can easily, real-time and multi-dimensional measure the aperture specification of the upper and lower circles of the carton, even in the workshop site with complex environment. Based on the simple plug and play installation and setting of the tool, and many powerful functions such as automatically creating parts, processes, tests and descriptor mapping after reading excessive or abnormal data, Lingyun no longer needs to spend a lot of time and energy on the conversion of aperture measurement system, nor need to grab and select relevant parts, processes and test data from thousands of data to judge the properties of materials under dynamic load, It can analyze the aperture data and give early warning in real time. In addition, it is an opportunity for new green building materials enterprises to use the real-time data analysis function of precision, and Lingyun has truly realized real-time automated quality inspection. This greatly improves the efficiency of quality management and effectively helps the management at all levels of the whole enterprise to grasp the real-time process status of the production line in an all-round way

Hebei Lingyun Industrial Group Co., Ltd. of China North Industries Group is a well-known large enterprise group in the domestic automobile manufacturing industry and plastic building materials industry. The company has established more than a dozen joint ventures with the United States, Denmark, Switzerland and South Korea, "and has established limited companies with Hafei group and Chang'an group, of which Lingyun Industry Co., Ltd. is a listed company. The company mainly produces five series of products, such as automobile rolling parts, stamping parts, front drive shaft of automobile constant velocity universal joint, automobile nylon pipeline system, automobile rubber pipe and assembly, automobile decorative seals, and PE pipeline system for natural gas, water supply and drainage, boiler combustion adjustment industrial model machine, elevator and accessories. The production scale and technical level are in a leading position in the same industry in China, Lingyun and Yada have become well-known brands in the automobile manufacturing industry and urban gas transmission and distribution industry. Yada polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings are national inspection free products, and Yada trademark is a well-known trademark in China. In 2008, the company ranked 228 among the top 500 Chinese machinery enterprises and 82 among the top 100 enterprises in Hebei Province

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