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Lingyun helps Chinese finance enter the era of intelligent services first

the man-machine war has come to an end amid the uproar, and the world's attention to AI + has never diminished

in today's Internet + era, more and more enterprises begin to use the Internet to maintain customers and collect feedback information. According to authoritative statistics, 78% of the respondents listed customer service as the first factor affecting the reputation of enterprises, 62% of B2B and 42% of B2C users would buy more products after enjoying a good customer experience of fly ash, and 88% of them were influenced by the professionalism of customer service when making purchase decisions. It is not difficult to see that customer service is not only pre-sales or after-sales consultation, but also begins to assume more functions of sales transformation and operation, which is particularly obvious in the financial field

with the change of Chinese consumption concept, more and more people turn their deposits into financial products such as funds, and they are no longer resistant to buying insurance. With the increasing flow of visitors and the increasingly scattered channels of customer service, higher requirements are put forward for the security, stability and ease of use of the customer service system in the financial industry, as well as the rigor and professionalism of customer service personnel. However, the shortage of service resources caused by the huge customer service demands, the huge training and management costs brought by complex and changeable businesses, and the timeliness requirements for solving problems such as safety and capital also bring greater challenges to customer service standards. Please pay attention to: service has brought greater challenges

after 20 years of honing

before the emergence of intelligent customer service, many financial enterprises had to constantly recruit people to expand the scale of customer service team and solve the problems they encountered as much as possible. However, many financial service providers have been overwhelmed by the increasing human cost, the time cost of customer service professional training, and the loss of customers caused by unprofessional customer service

all-round intelligent customer service promotes the upgrading of enterprise customer service

in the era of artificial intelligence, Jietong Huasheng relies on Lingyun intelligent customer service solutions built by leading artificial intelligence technologies such as Lingyun speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis, etc., which can not only reduce the labor cost and management cost of enterprise customer service center, but also comprehensively improve the efficiency and quality of customer service, and can successfully help financial enterprises achieve customer service upgrading

Lingyun's all-round intelligent customer service solution includes intelligent voice navigation system for the front desk, intelligent customer service for version, network version and physical robot version of business process, intelligent outbound robot for feedback process and intelligent voice analysis system for background data, which truly realizes the automation and intelligence of the whole process of customer service

as the main channel of customer service in the financial industry, Lingyun intelligent voice navigation can speak instead of press, directly reach the business node with one word, realize the flat menu operation, and greatly shorten the waiting time. Through enterprise services, Lingyun intelligent customer service can replace manual answers to more than 80% of common consulting questions, and can cover all customer service channels such as, official, Weibo, app, etc

in addition, the Lingyun assistant robot, which has been active in the halls of Huaxia Bank and Bank of communications, can not only answer business inquiries for users, but also lead customers to handle business. It can also tell jokes and make fun when people are waiting in line, becoming a new form of customer service in the hall

in view of the increasing traffic such as repayment and collection, insurance renewal reminders, etc., Lingyun outbound robot can use natural, smooth, unified standards, warm and polite voice to realize active outbound calls, communicate like a real person instead of transferring a subsidiary to shareholders through asset splitting, and record the questions and answers into a work order

today's financial customer service is not only to solve problems, but also to promote the market. Lingyun intelligent voice analysis system can not only automatically inspect the voice data of the customer service center, but also improve satisfaction. More importantly, we can conduct quantitative analysis and regular mining of the data generated in the service channels, establish user portraits, collect customer needs, clarify purchase behaviors and intentions, explore potential business opportunities, and recommend products or take the initiative to market

the security of multi-dimensional certified accounts Max

security is also another important indicator to measure the service quality provided by financial enterprises

due to the particularity of the financial field, the security level of identity information is highly required. With the promotion of online business of financial institutions, the link of real name verification is also gradually online. At present, the popular SMS password, dynamic password, USB key and other identity authentication methods are difficult to achieve a balance between security and ease of use, and a single identity authentication is also difficult to ensure absolute security

therefore, Lingyun multidimensional identity authentication system, which integrates face recognition, voiceprint recognition, fingerprint recognition and OCR license recognition, has become the first choice of many financial enterprises. Through multi-dimensional authentication, the security level is directly increased by four orders of magnitude compared with a single technology, which can fully meet the needs of financial enterprises for user real name authentication management

Lingyun intelligent customer service leading brand of intelligent customer service in China

in the financial field, Lingyun artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in financial companies such as maverick capital, Boshi fund, GF fund, many banks such as Agricultural Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Huaxia Bank, Bank of Lanzhou, contractor bank, and many large insurance companies such as Pacific Insurance and sunshine insurance, It has a deep business accumulation in all segments of the financial industry

as the leading brand of intelligent customer service in China, Jietong Huasheng always adheres to the supremacy of service, and continues to deepen the strategic cooperation with Lingyun technology of Tsinghua University, which originates from Tsinghua. It adheres to creating a better series of Lingyun intelligent customer service products for customers. At the same time, adhering to the concept of cooperation and win-win development, it looks forward to sincere cooperation with more industry partners and promoting the development and progress of China's intelligent customer service industry, Let hundreds of millions of people enjoy convenient and thoughtful intelligent customer service

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