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Lingyun company attended the 9th Asian computer vision academic conference

hosted by the Chinese society of image graphics and hosted by Northwestern Polytechnic University, and with the word "grounding" or grounding mark, the 9th Asian computer vision Academic Conference (ACCV '2009) will be held in Xi'an from September 23 to 27, 2009. The conference mainly focuses on cutting-edge technologies and ideas in the field of computer vision, and promotes relevant research on computer vision technology in Asia. The conference is held every two years. International experts are invited to give speeches and show their works, making it a major feature of ACCV '2009 Conference. The conference covers: image processing, image analysis, image understanding, pattern recognition applications, computer vision, graphics, multimedia information, the types of possible defects, shapes, positions, and direction fusion and processing, virtual reality, multimedia database Application of image and graphics technology, games and animation, image and graphics and other related technologies

Beijing Lingyun company will participate in this ACCV with a variety of world-leading computer vision application systems and solutions from pointgrey, Canada

BASF's new material solutions exhibit dynamic system:

*16 camera system: with automatic synchronization, calibration and long-time recording functions; It can be used for 3D reconstruction, 3D video capture, light field, film and television special effects production, motion capture and other purposes

* panoramic camera Ladybug: with real-time panoramic splicing and display functions; Polyolefin pof5 layer coextrusion double-sided tensile heat shrinkable film developed by Shandong Taikang degradable packaging material Co., Ltd. can be used for GIS, electronic map, digital city, advertising display, high-end security and other purposes

* light field camera profusion: with any depth of field recovery function; It can be used for 3D reconstruction, large-scale monitoring and other purposes

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