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Application of wallboard tooling in the welding of crawler crane boom (1)

the crawler crane boom is a steel pipe truss tower space structure. Except for the bottom and top sections, other intermediate sections are required to be interchangeable. At the same time, there are strict requirements for the diagonal of the end face of the boom and the straightness of the boom. At present, the splicing and welding of crawler jib frame in China is a relatively simple platform assembly platform. The straight and curing process is reversible. Connect a platform, make two vertical plates, and conduct splicing and welding. This kind of tooling is particularly difficult to adjust and calibrate, and the centerline of the tooling needs to be calibrated. Tri Mack is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in high-temperature thermoplastic and thermoplastic composite components, and large manufacturers occupy most of the market share, so it is difficult to ensure the parallelism of the two wallboards

the wall panel tooling solves the problem that the platform assembly platform cannot be used universally. One tooling can complete the splicing and welding of various boom frames by installing different supports. The distance between the two wallboards in the length direction is completed by the movable support on the electric adjustment track. During the adjustment, there is no need to re calibrate the center line of the two vertical boards, and the parallelism of the two wallboards is ensured through the guide rail on the bottom plane. The application of wallboard tooling can well ensure the various sizes of boom welding, and can be used in the boom manufacturing of crawler crane series, and greatly enhance the interchangeability of crawler crane boom

1 manufacturing requirements of crawler crane boom

(1) interchangeability of boom section requires to ensure the geometric tolerance at the hinge hole of boom section connection. The wrong diagonal length of boom section end face can give customers a long-term technical tracking service difference, the straightness of boom chord, the straightness of center line of each boom section and the straightness of boom assembly, and other dimensional and geometric tolerance requirements

(2) the arm structure requires no processing after welding, fully estimate the welding deformation, and adopt corresponding process dimensions for relevant parts to meet the technical requirements of no processing after welding

2 working principle of wallboard tooling

the working principle of wallboard tooling is: the middle of this tooling is a fixed support, and by adjusting the movable support on both sides to move on the guide rail, it can meet the splicing and welding of boom frames with different lengths. By changing the position of the mounting seat on the wallboard, it can splice and weld boom frames with different sectional sizes, and by adjusting the height of attachment 6, it can support the workpiece; Through a set of tooling, the manufacturing of a series of product booms can be completed (see Figure L)

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