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Lingyang hardware tools has launched a household welding machine, which makes welding unnecessary. It's believed that many people have seen such scenes, such as the sizzling sound, the spraying sparks, and the strong light of shining human eyes. Yes, this is commonly known as electric welding work site. Through the high temperature emitted by the electric welding equipment, the solder is combined with the object to be welded, so as to achieve the purpose of welding. What needs to be welded is usually mechanical equipment made of various steel materials, or is it amazing to weld two separate metal objects together in a few seconds just to weld something? Welding seems interesting, but for many users, welding is very troublesome. After all, only shops specializing in welding have electric welders, welding wires and other tools. Fortunately, Lingyang in the field of hardware tools has launched a household welding machine, which allows people to weld at home without asking others

as the main equipment of welding activities, the electric welding machine plays the role of melting the solder and the weldment, and then combining, repairing and repairing the weldment. The household electric welding machine launched by Lingyang is affordable, with a rated voltage and power of 220v~380v, which can be used for daily welding. Moreover, compared with commercial machines, Lingyang electric welding machine is more portable, and the weight of the whole machine is controlled at about 10 jin. Adults can handle it with one hand, which is more than enough for welding iron doors, metal crafts, repairing damaged machinery, etc. More importantly, from now on, there is no need to go to the designated welding shop for welding, which saves a lot of trouble. It is more fulfilling to have enough food and clothing by yourself and weld the results by yourself

(Sunplus welding machine)

generally, the welding temperature and durability of the welding machine mainly depend on the performance of the capacitor. The capacitor capacity is insufficient, or there is a phenomenon of virtual scale. It is often difficult to supply a strong enough current to melt the solder and the welded metal, which directly affects the welding efficiency. Therefore, Lingyang attaches great importance to capacitors. It adopts industrial grade 820uf large capacitors, which can withstand 105 ℃ high temperature and have strong anti electric fluctuation ability. The high power storage performance makes the output current more stable, enhances the stability of electric welding machines, and reduces the probability and risk of causing users trouble

as we all know, residential electricity will first be slightly stabilized by a transformer before it is transmitted to thousands of households. But even so, the voltage is not constant all the time, and it is easy to rise and fall, which will cause great damage to the electric welding machine. Lingyang adopts smart chip, and the built-in electric welding machine can realize the voltage change between 110V and 560V. When 110V or 560V voltage is connected, the smart chip instantly recognizes the input voltage and switches (dual voltage version), so that the carbon fiber material will become cheaper and cheaper to stop the low and high voltage; In addition, Lingyang uses high-frequency magnetic ring transformer, which has strong heat resistance and can cope with the positive effect of long-time welding. In addition, foreign countries have also studied micro experimental machines, often using high temperature, and promoting the stability of current, making the welding process easier

(Lingyang electric welding machine)

moreover, Lingyang electric welding machine also has configurations and designs such as fast arc starting, strong cooling fan, 3C certified pure copper thickened copper wire, etc., which improves the welding effectiveness of Lingyang electric welding machine in many ways, helps users to use it more worry free and easily, and is still troubled by welding problems? Lingyang electric welding machine knows a wave




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