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Instant messaging cloud service solves the dilemma of APP socialization for free

news on July 14, 2014, in the past week, developer Lindi and his partners have successfully realized the socialization of their own life service apps through the free instant messaging cloud service access of rongyun

not only realized the single chat function, but the group chat function, which was supposed to encounter a cold reception, unexpectedly received a welcome from its own users. In three days, this cheap and non-negotiable daily group chat group has more than 300 members, which has driven the growth of more than 1000 users. This achievement exceeded our expectations. Lindy said

the technical threshold hinders the dream of APP socialization

Lindy has always wanted to make the upgraded version after irradiation degrade faster; His app realizes social networking and quickly improves popularity. In addition to faster product updates and more product promotion, socialization has become an important link that app cannot bypass in the advanced process of increasing users. Especially stimulated by the successful cases of aunt Ma and Meiyou, APP socialization has become the key to the survival of applications

however, the cake of APP socialization looks delicious, but it has always been a big cake that developers can't touch and share. How to eat and how to eat better are obstacles in front of them. Especially in the implementation of IM instant messaging function, the core part of APP socialization, it will face more technical, financial and periodic problems

unlike other relatively elementary social functions such as twitter, the im instant messaging function of APP has extremely high requirements for the professional technology of InfoTech, which is not self owned by ordinary platforms. A senior person said that although there are many social applications in the app application market, few of them are favored by users, which is directly related to the product experience. At present, only Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants have the strength to independently build im instant messaging cloud service platforms, as well as rongyun, a subsidiary of Shenzhou Taiyue, which exports technical capabilities for Feixin

as a manufacturer with many years of IM service experience and technical capabilities, rongyun understands that app developers can be divided into three types: hydraulic, electric and manual! Among them, the manual is what the customer needs most. Small scale, insufficient technology, insufficient profitability and low income are the true portrayals of the vast majority of app developers in China at present. The relevant person in charge of rongyun disclosed

according to Analysys International, in 2013, 82.5% of mobile developers had a developer team of less than 20 people, and nearly 80% of mobile developers had less than 3 years of development experience. All the energy of these small and medium-sized developers is focused on the development of the product itself. For many problems that plastic materials that conform to green packaging cannot be used in a large area, the instant messaging function with the highest professional and technical level basically has no way to start. It takes at least ten people to build an instant messaging technology team. Analysis of senior practitioners. Insufficient technology accumulation has become the first obstacle to the development of app

in 2013, 46.3% of developers maintained a balance of payments, and 17.9% of mobile developers were at a loss. The annual income of the mobile development industry is low: mobile developers below 10000 account for the most, accounting for 24.8%, and mobile developers below 10000 account for 20.3%. On this basis, some third-party instant messaging cloud service platforms that provide charging services often charge an annual fee of 10000 yuan, which has become the second obstacle to the development of app

finally, the development period and life cycle of applications are constantly changing and accelerating. The development period of a complex game app can be controlled within 3 months, while the development of a stable and simple lifestyle app in jointly protected areas can be completed in only one week for fast and 3 weeks for slow. This rapid operation cycle means that developers simply cannot accept IM systems that have been developed for more than three months

professional platform opening helps developers solve their difficulties

professionalism and low threshold are the core needs of app developers for app social services. The person in charge of rongyun pointed out that even though the huge market demand for app socialization has prompted many third-party service platforms, they have shown a mixed state in terms of technology, cost and monopoly

encountered many difficulties and maladjustment. Lindy said frankly. Tencent and Alibaba's instant messaging platforms are platforms that circle businesses into their own platforms, and they are more or less closed in technology and services. Other access service providers make developers worry about their technical capabilities, server capabilities, and overall strength

take technology for example. At present, there are many platforms that cannot fully guarantee the availability of information in the process of instant messaging due to poor technology; And the reliability and correctness of messages in various network systems (2G, 3G, 4G) and weak networks (slow speed) during two-way real-time communication. Senior communication industry experts believe that junior rookies may not be able to distinguish the maturity of third-party platforms, but with the addition of rongyun, developers can have more choices, and the technology accumulation advantages of rongyun for many years have become the core competitiveness of developers

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