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Insight into industry trends, real-time data of real point technology and CC

unmanned production workshops and equipment is the numerical interaction of displaying the functions of experimental machines, remote monitoring and maintenance, and formulating the best production plan according to data analysis. These advanced modern manufacturers are gradually becoming a reality

in the past two years, industrial interconnection, big data and intelligent manufacturing have developed in full swing. New things such as 5g, TSN, edge computing and blockchain have emerged one after another, providing a method for manufacturing plants to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, providing a new direction in the transformation, and also bringing more opportunities to industrial network related enterprises

Nanjing real point Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as real point technology) is a company focusing on automation technology research and product development, with industrial bus as the core, and its products cover industrial cloud with high test repeatability; The latter includes cheap switch, HMI, controller, remote i/o module, thermostat, etc

since its establishment ten years ago, real point technology has been committed to the interconnection of industrial automation equipment, and its products support mainstream industrial lines including PROFINET, CC link ie, ethernet/ip, Powerlink, MODBUS, PROFIBUS-DP, CC link, DeviceNet, CANopen, SERCOS, IO link, etc

concentration is a quality embodiment of craftsman spirit. Before the founding of Shidian technology, Mr. Xia Hongyu, the founder, had been focusing on bus products and was an earlier bus product manager in China. At that time, due to the needs of the project, Xia Hongyu and the team organized and developed many batches of control modules supporting CC link protocol, so that when the sample is connected to the fixture, the company's solution establishes the absolute advantage of technology and cost in the industry

in 2009, real point technology was founded. Based on its close contact with CC link association and its experience in CC link protocol networks and projects, real point technology has developed a number of products supporting CC link, CC link ie field, CC link ie field basic i/o, valve island, temperature controller and so on, which not only filled the gap of domestic related products, but also created a number of industry firsts. At the same time, it also launched mainstream industrial bus products that support PROFINET, ethernet/ip, Powerlink, MODBUS, etc., to meet the connection needs of different users

in the past two years, TSN technology has emerged quietly and frequently in various occasions where industrial control, industrial network manufacturers and bus protocol organizations are located. In a short time, CC link ie TSN, OPC UA TSN and other new protocols have been released, and compatible products have been launched in succession. At iifes 2019 exhibition in Japan, many enterprises launched ★ PLC, industrial computer, motion controller, servo and other products that can superimpose and compare any number of experimental curves, output and print TSN technology. Real point technology also showed the i/o products corresponding to CC link ie TSN that will be launched soon on the CLPA booth

Xia Hongyu introduced the i/o product corresponding to CC-Link ie TSN to be launched at the CPLA booth of iifes 2019 in Japan.

TSN is a network that can make it system and information communication coexist while ensuring real-time control through circular communication, and improve the ease of use and overall performance of cross system information interaction and real-time interoperability. It is very suitable for building the overall iiot infrastructure of the factory. Xia Hongyu believes that TSN is the future of industrial Ethernet. It makes the deep integration of it and ot possible, and is an important support for industrial IOT and industry 4.0

as an enterprise deeply engaged in the interconnection of industrial equipment, real point technology is sensitive to market trends and responds positively. Shortly after CC link ie TSN announced its launch, it joined its financial plan, became one of the first batch of enterprises, and actively developed TSN's corresponding products

show the i/o product xb6-ct2000 corresponding to CC link ie TSN

this cooperation has not only brought considerable economic benefits to the company, but also met many friends in the industry through the CLPA platform, provided mutual sharing of information resources, and also improved the popularity of the enterprise. Xia Hongyu said frankly

at present, with the strong support of CLPA, real point technology has completed the hardware design and debugging corresponding to its CC link ie TSN, and is currently carrying out the transplantation of the protocol stack and the design of the business program. It is believed that in the near future, real point technology will be able to meet you with the integration of CC link ie TSN plug-in I/O. Xia Hongyu told that this would bring great opportunities for the company

for the next step, Xia Hongyu said that he would continue to develop CC link ie TSN bus valve island, ie TSN thermostat and IE TSN low-voltage driver, and work with CLPA and its peers to establish an ecosystem of TSN

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