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The automatic packaging line of instant noodles improves the equipment level of the noodle industry

recently, the se-5000 packaging machine, zd-3500 integrator and m-5700g BX series of Beijing Daisen Changkong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. have contributed wisdom and strength to the construction of a non-ferrous metal industrial power. Of course, we also want to thank this customer for his letter to us. Check whether the communication line between the experimental machine and the computer is normal; Ren packaging machine has passed the expert appraisal

experts believe that the design concept of the above packaging machine is novel, with the characteristics of simple operation, high sensitivity, good stability, large adjustment range, easy maintenance, sophisticated equipment and technology, and has progressiveness and innovation points in technology. Among them, se-5000 is the first fully automatic pillow packaging machine using three-axis AC servo control technology in China, which improves the control accuracy and reduces mechanical failures. Zd-3500 integrator also adopts the world's advanced AC servo flexible technology. 5. It has a high degree of automation when measuring Brinell hardness. The m-5700g-bx is a fully automatic pillow type packaging machine with lower supply film type and multi package combination. By adopting the world's advanced opening and closing bridge type mobile end seal, it has expanded the scope of application and has been applied by many well-known domestic enterprises

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