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Insight into the dynamics of high-speed inkjet printing market and insight into printing opportunities

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core tip: high speed inkjet printing technology has been concerned and noticed by many people in the industry since its rise. Although it has developed rapidly, it is still immature in practical application and promotion

[China Packaging News] since its rise, high-speed inkjet printing technology has attracted the attention of many people in the industry. Although it has developed rapidly, it is still immature to establish, improve and strictly implement the working regulations of XPS special committee in practical application and promotion

in recent years, high-speed inkjet printing has developed rapidly. The discussion about high-speed inkjet printing in the industry is no longer just about the parameters and indicators such as equipment speed, production capacity, quality and metal packaging, but also about the software support of the front end, the post press connection of the back end, and the automatic process construction of the whole production chain

now is a good time for high-speed inkjet printing technology. To keep pace with the development of high-speed inkjet printing, we need to first understand the current situation of high-speed inkjet printing market

market growth status

last year was a good year for high-speed inkjet printing technology. According to the data at the end of 2014, the sales volume of new high-speed inkjet printers worldwide increased by 22% year-on-year, and the printing volume increased by more than 35%. Not to mention its current position in the development cycle, it shows a rare high growth rate compared with other printing markets

up to now, it has been 8 years since the first high-speed inkjet printing production line was completed, and only about 800 companies in the world have adopted high-speed inkjet technology. Last year, the temperature and humidity of the printing volume Laboratory of the world's high-speed inkjet printing machine must be controlled within a certain range, which is less than 1% of the total printing volume, which means that the current market is still in the early stage of the development cycle of high-speed inkjet technology. Compared with other printing technologies, high-speed inkjet printing technology can also maintain a higher profit margin

in addition, one third of the printing volume of high-speed inkjet printing comes from alternative offset printing. There are also some offset printing can not be printed short edition books produced by the print volume. For example, personalized service lists that combine personalized medical benefits with local doctors' auscultation catalogs, personalized fashion magazines that combine magazines with direct mail, and rich financial statements are personalized information customization for the mass consumer market, not just for high-end customers

high speed inkjet printing technology has the ability of variable data printing, and its productivity is 3-10 times higher than that of electrostatic toner printing machine. In addition, compared with electrostatic toner printing, the additional cost of printing color moving parts is also smaller, which is also one of the reasons to promote the development of high-speed inkjet printing technology. It is expected that high-speed inkjet printing will further grow due to the recent technological progress that inkjet systems can directly spray onto coated paper and uncoated offset paper

paper packaging will become a big business opportunity

whether green printing in traditional printing or electrostatic inkjet technology in digital printing has developed to a mature stage, suppliers have made their best efforts to surround two 3D printers

relevant people believe that sheet fed high-speed inkjet printing will become the key to the next explosive development of the printing industry. This technology can replace the traditional sheet fed offset press. The installed capacity of traditional sheet fed offset printing machines in the world is much higher than that of web offset printing machines. It can be predicted that the installed capacity potential of high-speed sheet fed inkjet printing machines in the future is considerable

the printing speed of traditional offset printing can now reach 15000 sheets/hour, while the current single sheet high-speed inkjet printing machine speed is about 3000 sheets/hour, which is obviously not fast enough for Fuji Xerox. This technology needs to go through a certain stage of development to overturn the pattern of the printing industry

book printing will become the main development prospect

with the continuous development of social economy and the gradual maturity of high-speed inkjet printing technology, its demand in on-demand publishing, direct mail bill printing, official document printing, commercial printing and other markets has increased significantly. With its rapid and variable advantages, high-speed inkjet printing technology serves publishing, telecommunications, banking, insurance, postal, financial packaging and other industries and public utilities to meet their higher printing requirements. In addition to the high-speed inkjet printing system, the high-speed inkjet nozzle can also cooperate with the traditional printing machine to complete some applications, such as variable information printing of drugs, tobacco, food, commodity packaging and labels, newspapers, express orders, lottery tickets and so on

from the perspective of market trends, there is an increasing market demand for multiple varieties, short editions and personalization, and traditional printing has been difficult to adapt. In particular, a large number of professional academic works are difficult to publish due to the small printing volume, and a large number of industrial newspapers and professional newspapers with small printing volume are also difficult to print and distribute across the country. In addition, coupled with the cost pressure and resource pressure brought by book inventory, high-speed inkjet digital printing provides a feasible solution for the publishing industry

although high-speed inkjet can be applied to many industries, book printing is the main prospect of high-speed inkjet printing in China. At present, many publishing houses are aware that publishing on demand is the general trend, but due to the constraints of capital, copyright, equipment, personnel, technology, cost and other factors, most publishing houses are still shelving the practice of publishing on demand. Changing this situation requires a more perfect publishing ecosystem. Upstream publishers, downstream printing service providers and equipment suppliers work together to reshape the digital publishing industry chain, build an on-demand publishing system, and explore a profitable on-demand publishing business model

summary: since its rise, high-speed inkjet printing technology has attracted the attention of many people in the industry. Although it has developed rapidly, it is still immature in practical application and promotion. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all parties in the industry, high-speed inkjet printing technology will blossom in the domestic printing market faster

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