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Institutions: the rise of artificial intelligence will lead to the obsolescence of coffee

Bi Chinese station on December 11

according to a new report from RBC Capital Markets, the rise of robots may bring unexpected consequences

the consumer version of imagine 2025 report released by Royal Bank of Canada on Monday estimates that automation may affect Americans' wage income of $2trillion. The report delves into many consequences of the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, including robots taking over a large number of jobs from warehouse workers to waiters

this report also includes a less obvious result of robot takeover: coffee and other caffeinated beverages will become obsolete

the report said: "AI will minimize the heavy workload in many fields, such as manufacturing, truck transportation, car driving, back office services. These replaced jobs often need to drink coffee to stimulate energy."

this report points out that these jobs related to caffeine have either evolved or disappeared

on the contrary, Royal Bank of Canada analysts' theory is that people will look for some drinks to keep them awake and think more creatively

this report writes: it may also be equal to the ultimate strength (the two are the same point on the curve) "cannabinoid (the main chemical component of hemp with large and good heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance and Chemistry) may become the final supplement of caffeine and help consumers relax,"

the report writes. "In fact, the yield has also increased. We can expect that as consumers continue to feel technology-related stimuli (work, social media, etc.) and stress/anxiety, cannabis diphenol and other relaxation drugs will become more popular than caffeine/stimulants."

cannabinoid is a non psychoactive compound found in cannabis. This ingredient is used in ointments, oils, fragrances and beverages. Although there are still legal problems, most electric vehicles are fast, but it still creates a market of 1billion dollars

Royal Bank of Canada analysts predict that every industry will be affected by the rise of artificial intelligence and automation. On the positive side, AI can be used to reduce costs and realize product personalization. On the negative side, AI may make personal privacy obsolete and accelerate the loss of middle-class jobs, which in turn will contribute to the rise of authoritarianism. (reviewed by Tencent technology/Chenxi)

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