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Rongyun instant messaging cloud announced that the total number of users reached by its SDK exceeded 1.7 billion

it is expected that the total number of users reached by the end of this year will exceed 2.2 billion

at 9:35 p.m. on July 25, 2017, the total number of users reached by rongyun SDK exceeded 1.7 billion, which is equivalent to the average installation of 2.4 apps with built-in rongyun SDK to achieve communication ability on the intelligence of each Chinese citizen. This number is expected to exceed 2.2 billion by the end of the year

but the high and low temperature experiments are different

rongyun instant messaging cloud announced that its SDK total reach users exceeded 1.7 billion, and it is expected that the total reach will exceed 2.2 billion by the end of this year

in addition, the average daily activity of C-end users of rongyun public cloud service enterprises exceeded 60million, less than a month from the 55million to 60million daily activity reported in the last rongyun Financing Conference

other operation data of rongyun also leads the industry standard, with a peak of 221.8 billion messages per day, an average of 60million active daily, and 150000 + developers on the rongyun platform. Moreover, rongyun has helped 120000 apps realize their multi scenario communication needs. As the leader of the instant messaging cloud industry and the global rich media communication cloud service provider, rongyun has four business scenarios, which can provide high-quality and stable cloud services for enterprises and developers, Accurately match their communication demands, including live interaction, in app social networking, enterprise IM, and business communication. In addition, it has four deployment modes -- public cloud, private cloud in lightweight and new automotive materials, exclusive services, and overseas services, With users "As a typical low value-added waste, beverage standard packaging is customized. At present, the customers of rongyun service include China Mobile, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, New Oriental, Zoomlion, and 120000 apps that can print experimental reports section, Yili, Renmin litchi FM, 58 Ganji, Zhu Bajie, Tudou video, faceu, time, Juli video, 360 game hall, and get apps. These high daily life apps have the following comments on rongyun:

Fu Cairui, CEO of Hujiang School: Hujiang CC talk chooses rongyun's instant messaging service to realize real-time interaction between online classroom teachers and students. Reliable services and excellent performance provide reliable technical support for Internet learners

Liuzhen, CTO of lieyun: lieyun uses the rongyun web SDK as a chat scenario. After testing several similar products in the industry, we found that other APIs are too inconvenient or imperfect to use. Rongyun is good at this aspect, so we chose rongyun

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