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The inspection and quarantine department reminds: don't let foreign food get lost in your eyes

Korean candy, Danish cookies, and Swiss chocolate. With the gradual improvement of residents' living standards and material requirements, imported small food with an increasingly rich variety has appeared at some street stores and some large market counters in Ningxia, and has been loved by citizens. However, two recent investigations have found that there is no Chinese in imported food, among which the intelligent electronic tensile testing machine is a professional instrument often used for QS certification of food packaging, food labels, and the absence of CIQ marks for import and export of the State Administration for inspection and quarantine are common. The staff of Ningxia entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded consumers that they should improve their health and safety awareness and discrimination ability when purchasing imported food

at the end of July, an investigation was conducted on the imported food operated by major supermarkets and small street stores in Yinchuan city. The investigation found that there was a lack of CIQ marks on the packages of imported food, and the simple Chinese labels existed in various stores to varying degrees. At the sisiliang imported food store on the ground floor of Dongfanghong commercial building of Xinhua Department store, the situation of decentralization, extensive, environmental pollution, disorderly export, and difficulty in unified 1 supervision is promoted. It can be seen that there is no CIQ mark on all food packages, and some imported foods do not have Chinese labels. The clerk told me that it was normal for imported food not to have Chinese. The CIQ logo was officially implemented in the city only in September this year, before which it was a transitional period. A small shop operating European chocolate in Minzu North Street also has no national inspection and quarantine marks. The operator explained that CIQ is not a mandatory national regulation on imported food. Some citizens were interviewed randomly. Most of them did not know the method to distinguish the authenticity of imported food. They only pursued the fashion novelty brought by foreign food, and ignored the place of origin, ingredients and other matters that should be paid attention to

it is understood that according to the national measures for the administration of import and export food labels, the outer packaging of imported food must have official Chinese labels and laser anti-counterfeiting CIQ signs. The content of the Chinese label should not only be exactly the same as that of the foreign language, but also include: food name, ingredient composition, net content and solid content, country or region of origin, production date, shelf life, storage guide, manufacturing, packaging, Chinese plastic extruder industry is moving towards the health can adhere to the name and address of the packaging, sub packaging or distribution unit, the name and address of the general distributor in China and other information, These information must be in black Chinese font. CIQ is the abbreviation of China's inspection and quarantine. The basic style of the anti-counterfeiting mark is circular, with blue words on a silver background. Since 2000, it has been uniformly pasted on imported food that has passed the inspection and quarantine

from August 1, the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the autonomous region has made a unified deployment to carry out a centralized and special rectification of imported food sold on the market for half a month. However, on August 20, when investigating the official Chinese label and CIQ mark of imported food in Yinchuan again, it was found that the problem still existed to varying degrees. In a supermarket operating Korean food in Gulou South Street, there is no CIQ mark on all imported food, and some food packages still do not have Chinese labels. All goods in an imported food store on Hubin East Street still have no CIQ logo, and the Chinese labels on some food packages are brief. The Chinese label of a Korean love colored fructose even has no production date and shelf life. When asked why, the store owner even said that only domestic food has CIQ logo, and imported food does not need it

in this investigation, Liu Peng, a staff member of Ningxia entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, told that at present, Ningxia has no port specifically responsible for imported food, and most imported food does not enter directly from the country of origin, but through transit from ports in other provinces and cities. When dealers buy such food, they will not apply for inspection at the local inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Ningxia. Some dealers even buy imported food from smuggling channels or fake foreign enterprise names. The future development trend of medical packaging is to speed up the upgrading of packaging system products and produce and sell food. In view of the current situation that the imported food market in Ningxia is chaotic and the circulation channels of imported food are complex, the staff of Ningxia entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded consumers: do not blindly believe that the price of imported food is high and the quality will not be a problem. They should master some food labeling knowledge and improve their awareness of health and safety. They must purchase from large shopping malls and supermarkets through formal channels to avoid unnecessary losses

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