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Insight into three major changes! 2021 new direction of China's coating industry

insight into three changes! 2021 the new direction of China's coating industry

June 8, 2021

bid farewell to 2020 under the cover of the epidemic. In 2021, which has entered the post epidemic era, under the new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles promoting each other, industry and consumption are upgraded. After some adjustment and rectification, the production and sales level of China's coating industry has recovered, and has rebounded steadily. Compared with the same period last year, and according to statistics, there is no small progress in the same period of 2019, which is not affected by the epidemic. However, the continuous rise in the prices of bulk raw materials since the beginning of the year seems to have brought some uncertainties to the market trend of the coating industry

the industry returns to the growth track

in 2021, the paint market, "warming up and rising prices" has become a key word

based on the unusually low sales scale during the epidemic in 2020, the paint market with stable demand achieved a year-on-year increase in scale in the first quarter of this year. In particular, it combed the revenue of major listed enterprises in the first quarter of 2021. Most of them achieved substantial growth in revenue and maintained an upward growth trend as a whole

on the other side of the steady recovery of the market, since the beginning of 2021, the prices of curing agent, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, vinyl resin, diluent, titanium dioxide and other large raw materials have been rising, and the operating pressure of enterprises can be imagined. The rising price of raw materials has led to high production cost pressure in the coating industry. With the control of the global epidemic and the popularization of vaccines, although the supply of production capacity increases, the demand for raw materials will further increase, the contradiction between supply and demand will increase, and the price of raw materials will remain high in the near future

the general rise of the upstream supply side spread to the production side, driving the price of finished coatings to soar all the way. Unable to bear the cost pressure caused by the rise of chemical raw materials such as titanium dioxide, since March, coating companies including sankeshu, Valspar and Nippon have successively issued price increase letters, saying that the prices of various coatings will be increased by 5% - 20%; Since then, the tide of price rise has continued to spread in the coating industry, and many manufacturers in the field of Engineering coatings have also joined the ranks of price rises

the general rise of raw materials accelerated the industrial upgrading

in 2021, the general rise of raw materials accelerated the upgrading of the coating industry

the rise in raw material prices has also had many impacts on the coating industry. On the one hand, low-end products, due to their high cost share, have promoted leading enterprises to speed up industrial upgrading and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. At the same time, some small and medium-sized coating enterprises are difficult to effectively reduce costs due to insufficient capital and R & D strength, and have been eliminated by the market; As a result, the market share is concentrated to the leading enterprises. On the other hand, promote the further transformation of coating products to high-end and diversified, and constantly improve the added value of products

since the beginning of the year, including the growth of shipping costs, the price of various bulk raw materials has increased very fast, and the labor cost is also higher than in the past. Facing these uncontrollable pressures, the key problem that coating enterprises need to think about is how to ensure the quality of products through internal adjustment and make profits at the same time

"we should not only realize the growth of sales, but also improve the current profit by raising prices and reducing costs." "The purchase of some raw materials is itself very difficult, so the company has taken various countermeasures such as the use of substitutes and accommodation within the group." "The increase in sales revenue can improve the profit margin to a certain extent and offset the fluctuations caused by the rise in raw materials." Nippon's response is different from many coating enterprises that complain that the price of raw materials rises too fast and wait for the price of raw materials to fall

liuliangliang, general manager of tooling business department of Dongfang Yuhong civil building materials group, said that the market value of Dongfang Yuhong in the first quarter hit a record high, reaching 150billion, and received 8billion strategic investment in April. What did Dongfang Yuhong do after taking the strategic investment? Build a factory! Expand production! Because we believe that the increase in scale will certainly bring about a reduction in costs

it can be seen that the rise in the price of raw materials is not all a bad thing for the head coating enterprises. Through raw material substitution, R & D, capacity expansion and transportation radius reduction, the pressure such as the rise in the price of raw materials can be digested, which is an opportunity for enterprises to overtake in the corner. In addition, coating enterprises should also accelerate the diversification and high-end transformation, increase the proportion of high-end products, and strive to build a second curve of their own growth. In this way, they can have the confidence to ride the wind and waves and fight the market

in the post epidemic era, the product structure continues to be optimized and upgraded

it can be predicted that after breaking the haze of the epidemic, the coating industry will usher in a new round of accelerated development. Under the new situation, the consumption demand and product structure of the coating industry are rapidly adjusting

from the consumer side, in the context of consumption upgrading, consumers' desire to pursue a quality life has become increasingly strong, and the improvement of family health protection awareness driven by the impact of the epidemic over the past year has accelerated this trend

many coating enterprises have taken advantage of the trend to increase the R & D and publicity of antibacterial series products

Nippon powder coating has long introduced antibacterial powder (BS). According to relevant sources, silver ions form an ag-o shield on the surface of the coating. When bacteria and molds attach to the surface of the coating, silver ions destroy the protease in the microbial cell membrane by making redox reactions, and eventually lead to the death of microorganisms to achieve the purpose of antibacterial and sterilization. Nippon antibacterial powder (BS) meets the antibacterial standard gb/t, and its antibacterial performance against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus flavus can reach more than 99.99%

duluxpro has been committed to the field of environmental protection, and launched the senqichun Series in 2019. The whole series of products are equipped with high-efficiency formaldehyde removal technology, activated bamboo charcoal factor or precious marine diatom minerals, and silver ion antibacterial technology, which can remove a variety of bacteria for a long time and create a clean, safe and healthy home environment. It not only retains the gold certification of American green guard of haramori breathing, the a+ standard of French indoor air environment detection, but also obtains the European IAC gold certification

sankeshu launched BB paint, Jingwei 360 antibacterial wall paint and other antibacterial products. According to tree tree, through the mutual cooperation between the base, reducer, electromechanical, belt pulley, eccentric wheel, sensor and control cabinet, BB paint is a "food contact grade" wall paint developed with food contact grade lotion as the core raw material, which has the characteristics of 1 ton or more high-efficiency antibacterial, no addition of clean taste, skin touch, tens of thousands of times of scrubbing resistance, etc; Jingwei 360 antibacterial wall paint can effectively resist 19 kinds of common bacteria and molds

garberry seaweed mud 3 generation wall paint, haini baby children's paint and small fresh wall paint are all representatives of antibacterial coatings, with class I antibacterial function; It can effectively inhibit and kill 10 common bacteria and molds such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Aspergillus niger on the wall, and the antibacterial rate is more than 99.9%

BASF launched a healthy and environment-friendly interior wall coating - ring coating. How to choose a suitable pulling machine for huantu? The following is a summary of several steps: tasteless, antibacterial, antifungal and antifouling functions, and even added anti-virus black technology. Rong Zhi, marketing director of BASF architectural coatings Asia Pacific region, said, "BASF's antibacterial and antiviral technology is based on the chemical solution of silver ion carrier, which is different from the physical mixing of many products in the market. Therefore, it can well solve the problem of antibacterial durability of coatings, even the discoloration of coatings in the later stage."

in addition, Jingjia Changxiang bamboo charcoal antibacterial 5-in-1 of Bauhinia Flower, youtuli S3 bamboo charcoal antibacterial/diatom moisture-proof without adding enhanced finish, and beibeibeian children's paint all have antibacterial functions. During the epidemic, Bauhinia also developed more antibacterial coating products suitable for the elderly, children and other special groups

in addition to the above coating enterprises, many coating brands such as dizhi, Dufang paint, and housing guard were also found by searching the keyword "antibacterial coating" on tmall, and other platforms

it is observed that at present, mainstream consumers in the paint market are paying more and more attention to the actual functions and service experience of products. Cost performance is no longer the most important consideration for them. Health, quality, personalization, functionalization and customization have become the main demands at present

the demand characteristics of the consumer end are transmitted to the supply end, and coating enterprises have already begun the R & D, innovation and upgrading of related functional technologies in product innovation. On the market side, in addition to deeply cultivating health, sterilization and other technologies, enterprises also have corresponding solutions in a variety of segmentation scenarios such as the elderly, mothers and infants, art and so on

the recovery of the coating market this year is in line with the industry's expectations. The impact of the black swan incident will eventually pass, the long-term development trend of the coating industry will not change, the demand for healthy, quality, personalized, functional and customized coating products will increase, and the brand concentration of the coating industry will also further improve

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