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Inspur wireless cloud solutions build a full connection based on business

this is an era of interconnection of everything, an era of touching business layout with application needs, and an era when there are more methods than problems. So, in the face of a relatively rigid IT architecture, how can manufacturers help make new development decisions? Inspur Group combed the IT architecture problems and provided flexible solutions

compared with the previous IT architecture logic, enterprises often face problems such as equipment isolation, unified monitoring difficulties, lack of optimization experience and so on when facing the increasingly huge network with the development of business, the general office of the State Council issued the "notice on the establishment of the national leading group for the development of new materials industry". In some business scenarios, the pain points of wireless network management and operation and maintenance will also affect the judgment of marketing strategies and marketing means. In addition, in the process of everything going to the cloud, the traditional cloud service model relies too much on the quality of user-side interconnection and the service processing capacity of the cloud

the wireless cloud solution released by Inspur network can make the network more mobile. By adopting the functions of weak coupling between AC and AP, optimization of sd-wan, multi-path and so on, we can ensure that the performance of each workload remains at a sufficiently high level, build a real Cloud Architecture smart wireless solution, improve the network wireless ecological power, and create a full connection based on business

in the face of endless problems, there are more ways than problems

. For example, the AP of the same chain brand, different branches and stores are relatively scattered, which will cause a series of operation and maintenance management problems. For another example, the traditional hardware ac management of APS is mostly tightly coupled, which is more suitable for the management of a large number of APS in the local area. How to optimize the management of the wide area? Similar to this, various strange problems emerge in endlessly

Inspur wireless cloud solution, taking market demand and industry pain points as the trigger point, especially in-depth analysis of the IT management needs of total score enterprises, solves the problem of centralized management and unified monitoring of many isolated and decentralized devices when AP is decentralized; At the same time, compared with the traditional tight coupling method, Inspur wireless cloud solution adopts the weak coupling method of AC and AP to completely separate management and data, so as to better apply to the centralized management of AP across the Internet and wide areas

in addition, Inspur wireless cloud solution supports sd-wan, so that enterprises can replace MPLS links with more economical Internet connections. And make full use of the optimization and multipath functions of sd-wan to ensure that the performance of each workload remains at a sufficiently high level and build a smart Internet platform

Inspur wireless cloud solution

in the direction of Cloud Architecture Association, Inspur wireless cloud solution can separate the management layer and the business layer, give full play to the role of the central nervous system, and realize the reasonable scheduling of resources. At the same time, it will reduce the dependence on the quality of interconnection, and realize parallel distributed computing processing and automatic calibration of deformation between control modes, automatic switching of measuring range, automatic storage of test results of experimental conditions, and automatic calculation of parameters FM, Reh, rel, Rp0.2, RM and elastic modulus E; The experimental curve traversal and local amplification can be combined arbitrarily and switched smoothly; Automatically obtain the result parameters specified in the relevant standards. The localization of user core data greatly reduces the cost of cloud service, and the service capacity can also achieve building block seamless. Researchers also strengthened its performance expansion with grapefruit seed extract. Inspur wireless cloud solution has the following advantages:

cloud deployment: it adopts the software, data and network architecture design for cloud computing and cloud environment, and can quickly realize the deployment of public cloud, private cloud and local server in various ways. At the same time, the use of edge computing technology can realize device management and IOT data services, and ensure the service quality and efficiency while adapting to the user network environment

convenient and fast wireless and business configuration management: it can provide two business management modes: site independent configuration and strategy package batch configuration, which can not only be configured independently, but also realize differentiated wireless applications; It can also be configured in regional batches to realize centralized application control and meet the deployment needs of various scenarios

data and advertising operation services: in terms of precision marketing, the scheme can provide users with a variety of data collection means, support local storage, analysis and display of data, and achieve marketing support in advertising, content distribution, vertical industry applications, big data mining, etc

support sd-wan intelligent routing: Langchao wireless cloud solution adopts Langchao's industry-leading edge computing technology to solve users' technical problems in branch group, branch network and it equipment management, branch strategic security management and other aspects in a one-stop manner

create a full connection based on business

as a rising star in the network field, Inspur network continues to improve the construction layout in the wireless ecosystem, and relies on its own wired wireless platform capabilities to deeply penetrate diversified application scenarios, launch wireless solutions for hotels, supermarkets, high-speed railways, enterprises and other different fields, build new wireless operation services for the industry, and fully tap it in big data analysis and application, commercial advertising Value charm in precision marketing. In the future, langlanglangluo will continue to push through the old and bring forth the new. Driven by technology + service, it will work with partners to jointly create new potential for business connection

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