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The output of China's plastic plaited products ranks first in the world.

at the 2012 National Plastic plaited industry chain technology exchange and market docking conference and Shenyang Kangping plastic plaited economic and Trade Fair jointly hosted by China plastic processing industry association and Shenyang Municipal People's government, qianguijing, vice president of China Light Industry Federation and President of China plastic processing industry association, made an important speech, analyzed the current situation of the plastic plaited industry, and put forward development suggestions

Qian Guijing pointed out that the plastic weaving industry is an important part of the plastic industry. By the end of 2011, there were more than 7500 professional plastic weaving production enterprises nationwide, with more than 500000 employees, more than 300000 circular looms and an annual comprehensive production capacity of about 15million tons. It is expected that such "metamaterials" will be used in automobile manufacturing in the future. 1. The experiment should be carried out in the constant temperature and humidity room. According to the statistics, in 2011, the national output of plastic woven products was 8.542 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 21.06%, a decrease of 2.01 percentage points over the previous year, and the output value was about 115billion yuan. According to preliminary estimates, the output of plastic woven products in 2011 was about 12.1 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 23.5%, and the output value was about 132 billion yuan. Its output has ranked first in the world

at the same time, he pointed out that while summing up the achievements of the 11th five year plan, we should calmly look at the large gap between China's plastic processing industry and plastic weaving industry and advanced countries. The prominent problems in the plastic knitting industry are: first, the production concentration is low, there are many small enterprises, and the scale is small. In 2011, there were 7600 enterprises in the industry, with an average scale of only 1600 tons. Second, the product structure is unreasonable, with a large proportion of middle and low-grade products. Due to the low entry threshold, the proportion of low-grade products is further increased, while products representing higher grades, such as ton bagging, account for only 11%. Third, overcapacity, low level and homogenization tendency are becoming more and more prominent. There is a fierce "price war" among enterprises. In order to reduce costs, some enterprises use recycled materials in large quantities and fill them with water for maintenance for more than one week to shock the market with low-quality and low-cost products, which has seriously affected the normal production and operation order of the industry and endangered the product quality reputation of the industry. Fourth, the technical force is weak, the innovation ability is not strong, and some enterprises are backward in technology and equipment

finally, Qian Guijing put forward some suggestions for development. The industry should accelerate the transformation of development mode, speed up the adjustment and optimization of experimental structures used for the detection, research, analysis and production process control of impact resistance properties of engineering plastics and high molecular materials; Accelerate the cultivation and upgrading of industrial clusters in the plastic knitting industry; And strengthen the sense of society, strengthen the self-discipline of the industry, standardize the market order, and operate in good faith

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