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Promote platform construction and create a new pattern of open sharing of instruments and equipment in Colleges and universities in 2015, Professor Chenghai's team from the human settlements College of Xi'an Jiaotong University received a letter of help from the other side of the ocean. Vari is from Madagascar. Through unremitting efforts, she has become a doctoral student at the University of Georgia in the United States. She is determined to rebuild the paleoclimate records in her hometown of Madagascar and takes this as the topic of her doctoral thesis. However, due to the lack of corresponding experimental conditions, varui's paper fell into a dilemma. Accidentally, she was pleasantly surprised to find that in the team of Professor Chenghai of Xi'an Jiaotong University, she had the multi receiver inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer and stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer she needed. So she sent a letter of help to Professor Chenghai with excitement

in October 2015, varui came to China as he wished. On the college level platform of Xi'an Jiaotong University Human Settlements college, he used the multi receiver inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer and stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer to complete the dating and stable isotope testing of all samples. At the same time, Professor Chenghai's team was moved by varui's scientific research spirit and patriotism. They not only provided her with an experimental platform for free, but also provided her with part of the living expenses in Xi'an. When she left, Valerie left a affectionate letter of thanks to the lab

at present, Wari has successfully completed his doctoral thesis and conducted postdoctoral research in Israel. Varui's story has become a good story about the opening and sharing of large-scale instrument and equipment resources in Xi'an Jiaotong University

large instruments and equipment are the technical basis and important means to break through the scientific frontier and solve major scientific and technological problems of economic and social development and national security. With the continuous increase of national investment in higher education, the scale of large-scale equipment in Colleges and universities continues to grow, but at the same time, there is also a phenomenon of idle waste, and the professional service capacity needs to be improved. In 2014, the State Council issued the opinions on opening major national scientific research infrastructure and large scientific research instruments to the public (GF [2014] No. 70), which promoted the utilization efficiency of high-quality resources in Colleges and universities to become an important issue of national concern

in recent years, Xi'an Jiaotong University has made great efforts to solve the problems of repeated construction, idleness and waste of scientific research facilities and instruments and equipment through deepening reform and institutional innovation, so as to realize the optimal allocation and open sharing of large-scale instruments and equipment resources, release scientific and technological resources, and serve the school and society

IOT information technology means to improve work efficiency

"five years ago, I was responsible for the appointment, use and management of transmission electron microscopy. At 4 a.m., some students began to queue outside the laboratory with small benches. It took 10 minutes to make an appointment. Those who didn't make an appointment had to go to make an appointment with other scanning electron microscopy." Guoshengwu, a transmission electron microscope researcher at the school of materials, Xi'an Jiaotong University, recalled that the appointment of large-scale equipment in the past was a "big problem"

large instruments and equipment are scattered in more than 50 buildings in the three campuses of the University. Teachers and students should go to the equipment administrators of different colleges to register and make an appointment for the use of large-scale instruments and equipment. In the process of using the equipment, students also need to go to different units to settle the test fees. The equipment administrator urges the payment of the test fees from time to time, which leads to cumbersome work procedures and low efficiency

how to improve the efficiency of equipment open sharing and release the workload of various personnel has become the primary problem faced by Xi'an Jiaotong University in promoting equipment open sharing. In 2014, Xi'an Jiaotong University took the lead in building a cross departmental integrated and linked "IOT sharing system for large instruments and equipment" among domestic universities. The system deeply integrates the open management of large-scale instruments and equipment with financial management, personnel management, student management and other businesses, and connects with multiple business management systems of the school, such as finance, scientific research, and personnel in real time. It breaks the barriers and difficulties between instrument and equipment management and financial management, and realizes the circulation of all businesses such as authorized reservation, registration and statistics, billing and payment, performance evaluation, etc. in the process of shared use

the asset department and the financial department of the University jointly act as the "bank" and set up a credit line for each user. The equipment of the whole school is used first and then paid. All test fees are settled through self-service machines throughout the campus, completely changing the historical situation of cumbersome and inefficient business. Open and share rules, charging standards, contact information and other information of all large-scale instruments and equipment to the public. During the opening period, all users inside and outside the school will be on a first come first served basis, taking into account openness, fairness, impartiality and effectiveness. Every year, more than 30000 people in all provinces, cities, autonomous regions and overseas countries receive open and shared services for school instruments and equipment through the system, and Wari is an ordinary member of them

overall demonstration and optimization of resource allocation mode before purchase

talking about the open sharing of large-scale instruments and equipment, Sun Yu, director of large-scale equipment sharing management center of Xi'an Jiaotong University, gave an example, "In the past, each unit of the University purchased large-scale equipment by planning and purchasing within its quota. The overall planning of funds is limited, which means that each unit can only buy a bicycle, not necessarily ride it every day. It is inefficient to say that it has to maintain it after buying it. Now, the resources are coordinated by the University, which means that everyone has bought a car together, which makes the output of scientific research more and faster. In addition to the common use of all units in the University on demand, it is idle It can also be open and shared with social scientific research institutions. "

since 2015, Xi'an Jiaotong University has gradually realized the overall planning and demonstration for all funds to purchase large-scale instruments and equipment, and the annual overall planning and demonstration of equipment exceeds 150million yuan. In the three years since the vertical puncture of the marked part of the gasket at the speed of 200mm/min, the school has made an overall plan for more than 30 high-performance computing needs at the demonstration site, and built the first school level high-performance computing center step by step. Up to now, the computing capacity of the center has exceeded 300trillion times/s, and has become the highest computing center in Colleges and universities in Shaanxi Province

"from the perspective of the school, there is no additional investment of a penny. The same fund has purchased equipment with stronger computing power, which is maintained by our professionals. The environmental site also uses the existing conditions of the school, which can expand the performance range of long fiber materials for product designers and material engineers, and realizes the optimal allocation and efficient utilization of school resources". Yang Fan, an engineer of the high computing center, commented

entity platform construction improves the efficiency of resource use

in September 2015, Xi'an Jiaotong we can design different fixtures according to different samples and experimental methods. Professor Zhang Lei from the school of science of tonguniversity returned to his alma mater from the United States and focused on the research in the field of structural biology. Freeze transmission electron microscope is an indispensable experimental equipment in this field. However, at that time, there was no freeze-thaw electron microscope in Northwest China. Due to the huge investment in freeze-thaw electron microscope, it was difficult for a single discipline to undertake. Through the joint efforts of the analysis and testing sharing center of Xi'an Jiaotong University and the three disciplines of life, physics and chemistry, the first freeze-thaw transmission electron microscope talos

f200c in Northwest China was purchased with a joint investment of 15million yuan. It was uniformly managed by the platform and widely used in the research of structural biology for life, biology, medicine Special services are provided for the structural analysis of soft matter in the disciplines of chemistry and physics

"the school has a very good mechanism for building an entity platform, which can be shared and shared. It is convenient to make an appointment for the cryoelectron microscope experiment time, and there are special personnel to maintain and help with the experiment. The time and cost have been saved, greatly improving the experiment efficiency." The platform Zhang Lei talks about is the school level public entity platform for large instruments and equipment that Xi'an Jiaotong University is vigorously building

Xi'an Jiaotong University has listed the construction of school level instrument and equipment resource sharing platform as one of the five key construction tasks, and as an important starting point for deepening the discipline construction and scientific research physique reform of the University, it has written it into the "13th five year plan" of the University, and has planned 8 school level public platforms, covering the needs of general-purpose large-scale instruments and equipment. Over the past three years, hundreds of millions of yuan have been invested to complete the construction of phase I of the analysis and test sharing center, biomedical experiment center and high-performance computing center. Taking advantage of the construction opportunity of the science and technology innovation port in Western China, a series of school level platforms including wind tunnel center, experimental animal center and processing center will be completed. The public entity platform will become an important supporting condition for supporting the discipline development of Xi'an Jiaotong University, introducing high-level talents and undertaking major scientific research projects

mechanism and system reform to solve the problem of opening and sharing stock equipment

"with the gradual improvement of the construction and level of basic scientific research equipment in Colleges and universities, the opening and sharing of large-scale instruments and equipment in Colleges and universities has also encountered more and more difficulties and challenges." Gaolumei, director of the analysis and test sharing center of Xi'an Jiaotong University, said that colleges and universities encountered many practical difficulties in promoting the open sharing of large-scale instruments and equipment in stock, such as the shortage of equipment maintenance costs, the insufficient allocation of experimental technicians, and the low enthusiasm for open sharing. To solve the problem of opening and sharing a large number of existing stock equipment, we must solve a series of problems, such as the overall allocation of resources, the construction of public service platforms, the dredging of operation and management policies, the mobilization of the enthusiasm of grass-roots staff, and the revitalization of operation and maintenance resources. This is a systematic and comprehensive reform process

since 2017, Xi'an Jiaotong University has started the reform of the academy level platform on the basis of extensive research and multi-party communication. Fully implement the platform management of stock equipment, guide each platform to formulate relevant policies and systems, and promote paid service and cost compensation of equipment. Through the release of policy dividends, the practical difficulties of opening and sharing among grass-roots units have been solved. At the same time, strictly standardize the open sharing procedures, and mobilize the work enthusiasm of grass-roots staff through the establishment of performance oriented assessment index system. Up to now, most colleges and state key laboratories of Xi'an Jiaotong University have completed the reform of college level and professional level platforms. More than 300 large-scale equipment have been actively handed over to the college level platform for management. The open sharing of equipment has changed from passive requirements to active efforts

recently, the analysis and testing sharing center of Xi'an Jiaotong University has just celebrated its first anniversary. Experts and scholars from many universities and scientific research institutes, including the National Association of analysis and testing centers of universities, Tsinghua University, University of science and technology of China, Chongqing University and Lanzhou University, gathered together to exchange successful experiences in opening and sharing large-scale instrument and equipment resources. Xi'an Jiaotong University will closely focus on the construction goal of the national innovation system, fully release the service potential of high-quality resources, serve scientific and technological innovation and social needs, and provide effective support for the implementation of the national 10:30 11:00 thermoplastic product market development and the innovation driven development strategy of technologists

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