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Disable plastic straw is the paper straw ready

release date: Source: Shanxi Evening News

in the hot summer, a cool drink becomes a good recipe for understanding the heat. Have you noticed that the plastic straw in the drink cup is changing. Consumers can not only choose drinks, but also choose the type of straw. Paper straw and plastic straw are placed on the service desk for consumers to choose. Many people choose paper straw because of curiosity

in January this year, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment issued the opinions on Further Strengthening the control of plastic pollution, which stipulated that by the end of 2020, the use of non degradable disposable plastic straw in the catering industry nationwide would be prohibited. In July, the notice on Solidly Promoting plastic pollution control was issued, requiring all provinces to issue a provincial implementation plan before the middle of August to clearly prohibit disposable plastic straw. How should Taiyuan's catering industry respond to the call for the strictest "plastic ban" in the country? Is paper straw the best substitute for plastic straw? On August 12 and 13, Shanxi Evening News visited a number of catering stores in Taiyuan and conducted interviews on relevant issues

On August 12, the Shanxi Evening news came to a well-known coffee shop in Qinxian North Street, Taiyuan. The staff told that the paper straw had been used for half a year, and the plastic straw was no longer available. Previously, the average annual use of plastic straw in this brand coffee shop in China was about 200 tons. At the end of last year, its more than 4000 stores in China had all banned plastic straws. "The paper straw is more environmentally friendly than the plastic straw." One consumer said

in a fast food restaurant on Heping North Road, Taiyuan, Shanxi Evening News found that the slogan "for the sake of the earth, I don't care" was everywhere in the store. It is reported that the fast food restaurant announced that it was the first to stop using plastic straws in nearly 1000 restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and made fine adjustments in the design of cup covers. The new cup cover is provided with a drinking nozzle, which can be directly drunk as long as the upper small cover is opened for this reason without using a straw. The manager of the restaurant said that the plastic straws still being provided are all in stock and will not be provided after use

compared with disposable plastic straw, what is the market acceptance of paper straw? At present, the average price of disposable plastic straw is 0.03, while the average price of paper straw is 0.1, which is about three times the cost of disposable plastic straw. "Although the cost of paper straws is a little higher than that of plastic straws, the main cost for us is the raw materials for making drinks. The cost of straws can be fully digested." A beverage dealer said. The customer service staff of a brand straw enterprise said that compared with last year, more and more paper straws were sold to beverage stores, coffee shops and bars this year, and the shipment of paper straws was more than three times that of the same period last year. However, due to cost considerations, plastic straw is still the mainstream

is paper straw the best alternative?

although plastic straw brings consumers an excellent drinking experience, plastic products are stable and difficult to degrade, which also causes great pressure on the ecological environment. According to the data, in 2019, China's output of plastic straws was nearly 30000 tons, about 46billion, and the per capita use was more than 30. Many industry experts said that the use time of plastic straw is only a few minutes, but the degradation time may be as long as hundreds of years, and it is difficult to recycle, so it is often treated as garbage. So, will paper straw be the best substitute for plastic straw

according to tonghongbo, an associate professor of the Institute of Applied Chemistry of Shanxi University, who is generally faced with the problems of difficult, slow and expensive financing, there are three main ways to deal with plastic waste at present: the first is biodegradation, which uses Tenebrio molitor or bacteria to "eat" plastic; The second is chemical degradation, which decomposes plastics through chemical methods to convert the effective components in the mechanical testing of building materials and metal materials into gasoline, diesel and other fuels; The third is physical landfilling, in which the treated plastic is used as solid waste for landfilling. "For the sake of economy and environmental protection, most plastic straws are landfilled in China." Tonghongbo said, however, because plastic is difficult to degrade in the soil, it will gradually decompose into nano-sized plastic particles. These particles will enter animals and even humans through natural circulation, causing great harm to the ecological environment and human health

"but the environmental cost of paper straw is even higher than that." Tonghongbo said that from the perspective of production, the raw material of paper is wood pulp, which will consume a lot of wood, and the production process will also cause water pollution, which is not environmentally friendly. When it is made into a straw, the thinner paper straw will dissolve or soften due to poor stability, and the straw will be thickened, which will affect the use experience. From the use experience, the performance of plastic in the packaging field is much stronger than that of paper

it can be seen that the scheme of using paper straw instead of plastic straw is hardly effective, and its environmental protection and economic benefits are not very high. No wonder many environmentalists say that paper straws are more like an "IQ tax"

degradable and recyclable will become a new trend

degradable plastic 3-layer and 5-layer films have become standard products and have been regarded as new materials to solve white pollution. The degradable plastics industry is directly favored under the stimulation of the "plastic ban order". Wan Lei, deputy director of the science and Technology Department of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, said in an interview that from the supply side, with the technological progress of China's plastic industry and the continuous introduction of new products and processes, more and more production enterprises can gradually meet the national requirements for plastic substitutes. At present, the R & D and production technology of degradable plastics in China is in the ascendant. The manufacturers of degradable plastics need to seize the window period of national plastic restriction, improve the technical level and production capacity as soon as possible, and meet the needs of consumers

at present, the cost of degradable straw is 3-5 times that of ordinary plastic straw. It may be difficult for the catering industry to quickly replace straw. However, the development of science and technology is expected to reduce the high cost. In the past, the cost of degradable plastic bags was about 2-3 times that of ordinary plastic bags. Now, after mass production and increased production, it has become 1.5-2 times. Insiders said that with the progress of production technology, the gap in straw cost is narrowing step by step

"in some specific applications, the use of plastics or their substitute materials is necessary. However, we should first examine whether such use is really necessary, and then consider whether we can find a better choice and provide appropriate infrastructure for the recycling and treatment of degradable plastics." Tonghongbo, for example, said that disposable straw is not a necessity and can be completely unused or recycled; However, for the sake of both soil moisture conservation and environmental protection, such a necessity as agricultural mulching film, the degradation time should not be too short, otherwise it will not play its due role, nor too long. If it cannot be degraded within three to five years, it will lose its significance of degradability. At the same time, garbage classification must also keep up

recyclability and degradability have become a new trend in the development of plastic industry. The awareness of environmental protection of merchants and consumers is very important to promote this trend. In tonghongbo's view, the "plastic ban order" issued by the state is to enable enterprises to make efforts in environmental protection and find more appropriate ways to replace plastic products. The prohibition of plastic straws, which are closely related to public life, is conducive to arousing more consumers' awareness of environmental protection. "Practice has proved that recycling plastics and vigorously promoting and producing degradable plastics are effective ways to reduce white pollution. For the public, rejecting or reducing the use of plastic products is the best choice to participate in environmental protection. If everyone can say 'no' to disposable plastic straws, it will be a good start for environmental protection." Tonghongbo said

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