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Xiamen implements new safety standards for plastic toys: six types of plasticizers are restricted

recently, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of Xiamen and the National Standards Committee approved the release of a series of toy safety standards. The new standards clearly restrict the use of plasticizers, expand the scope of application of the standards, and integrate with international standards. It is understood that the toy safety series standards are revised from the national toy safety technical specification and are planned to be implemented from January 1, 2016

The first part of the

series of standards is the basic specification, which requires that all the experimental control software for 1 experimental machine should be able to generate word or excel reports. Products with play function used by children under 4 years old should meet the requirements of this standard to eliminate the "dead corner" of safety; The second to fourth parts include that the processing technology is a general safety requirement, and more specific safety requirements and detection methods are put forward for the hazard types such as toy mechanical and physical properties, flammability, migration of specific elements, and the technical indicators are more "personal" and applicable

compared with the old standard, the new series of standards have many obvious changes. The biggest change is that the protection of children is more comprehensive. 4. The debugging surface in the direction is more strict. The new standard expands the scope of application of the standard. The standard is applicable to toys and materials designed or reserved for children under 14 to play, as well as products not specially designed for play but with play function for children under 14. The new standard also tightens the requirements for safety indicators such as sound, mechanical components and combustion performance

yesterday, I visited some toy sellers' stores in Jiangtou, Huguang Road, Xiamen, and found that many popular toys are made of ABS, PVC, PC and other plastic materials, but it is difficult for consumers to judge whether plasticizers are used only from the packaging. The new standard stipulates that for all toy products, including those that can be put into the mouth, the total content of DBP, BBP and DEHP plasticizers is less than 0.1%; For products that can be put into the mouth, the total content of DnOP, DINP and DIDP plasticizers is less than 0.1%, which is the same as the EU standard

among them, phthalates are the most familiar to parents. Because of their good performance and low cost, they are widely used in plastic toys, food packaging bags, textiles, cosmetics and other products. Studies have shown that phthalates have endocrine disrupting properties similar to hormones, which will affect people's health, especially children with low resistance

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