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Huagong University held the PLC learning class in the golden time of May 1

★ Zhang Yungang compiled the self-study introductory book from introduction to mastery series, which was successively published by Beijing People's post and Telecommunications Publishing House

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1. from getting started to mastering Siemens industrial network communication practice ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From getting started to mastering Siemens s PLC technology and application ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The industrial training center of South China University of technology, published in September 2007, is a professional automation technology training center in China with first-class teaching equipment, first-class learning environment and first-class practical teachers. The center provides: automation system training and technical consultation, undertake automation programming at a low price (the purpose is to provide students with internship opportunities for system programming, and our teachers make final modification and debugging to ensure the normal operation of the system), and repair PLC, frequency converter and touch screen; Provide various industrial control software and text data. Acquisition/sales of used PLC frequency converter servers and touch screens. The employment rate of graduates reached 100%

20 the development process from imitation to self renovation is always unconventional. Schedule of classes in 2007: (strictly implement 20 person small class teaching)

★ Mitsubishi PLC one month and two month off-duty class schedule:

may 17 June 18

july 19 August 20 October 12 December 17

★ Mitsubishi two month and four month weekend class schedule:

may 26 July 21 September 22 November 24

★ Siemens half a month One month is not what we would like to see and the two month off-duty class schedule:

july 5 November 5

★ Mitsubishi touch screen off-duty class schedule:

may 17 June 18 July 19 August 20

september 20 November 8 December 17

★ Mitsubishi servo off-duty class schedule:

may 24 June 25

july 26 8 September 27 September 27 November 15 December 24

★★ golden Science Schedule of training class (day 7 class):

mitsubishi PLC class Siemens PLC class from May 1 to 7

mitsubishi PLC class Siemens PLC class from October 1 to 7

★ two-day off class for single chip microcomputer: for training on June 2

you can choose to sign up once and study in separate time periods. This method is very consistent with some students who cannot be selected for a long period of time as learning, such as learning PLC in April, learning touch screen in June and learning AC servo in October, We have these courses every month, and we can flexibly arrange the learning time according to our actual situation

tuition fee collection: the main course is actually collected. After applying for the main course, the elective course will be paid at a one-time rate of 20% off, and the elective course will be paid at a time rate of 20% off. The elective course will be paid after the examination. The price list is in the introduction of the station

in response to the relevant national policies and instructions, the disabled can enjoy a discount of 8.5% on the tuition fees for the main courses with a disability certificate, and the tuition fees for the selected courses will be charged according to the preferential methods in the enrollment brochures

accommodation: (1) hostel yuan/day

(2) simple bungalow: 400 yuan/two months 250 yuan/month 15 yuan/day, the paid in utilities is about 30 yuan/month

food: yuan/meal (student canteen)

class time: 9:00 a.m. 2:30 p>

(the class time of off-duty class is Monday to Friday; the class time of double training Saturday and day class is Saturday and Sunday)

note: no other fees will be charged during the study, Nor will they go through the procedures for dropping out

the center adopts the teaching method of combining theory with practice. While explaining the theory, the center conducts targeted computer practice and hands-on teaching. Students who pass the examination will be awarded the certificate of industrial training center of South China University of technology. If they can't learn in the first period due to various reasons, they can arrange to learn again free of charge. Graduates enjoy two years of technical follow-up guidance. Welcome to consult and audition

contact person: Liang MA (teacher) fax: and punching 96



address has attracted extensive attention of material scientists and engineers: Industrial Training Center building of South China University of technology, Wushan, Tianhe District, Guangzhou (behind building 31)

welcome to browse the collective photos of PLC graduates:

bus route: take the bus to Huagong station, get off, move to the main gate and transfer to the school bus to Huagong University Industrial Training Center Station (you can take No. 234 at the central railway station, No. 22 at the central Guangwei Road station, No. 41 short line at the east railway station and No. 229, 197, 78, 213, 306 bus to Huagong University Station)

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