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The international oil price dropped by $100 per barrel, which also made the spot price of ethylene in the Far East fall below $1300 per metric ton this week, and the decline of ethylene glycol (eg) even worse. The latest spot price fell below $850 for the first time this week, resulting in insufficient costs for producers and compressing the profit space of major eg producers in China in the third quarter

in addition, pure terephthalic acid (PTA) also fell below US $1000 per metric ton, a new low in nearly four months. The legal person pointed out that the fourth quarter of the plastics industry has entered a low season, and the fourth quarter revenue of the plastics industry is expected to be bleak before the product price drops sharply and the market wait-and-see price drop expectation has not been eliminated

the domestic stock market rose sharply yesterday, but the decline of plasticizing stocks did not stop. The main reason is that the prices of plasticized raw materials products are on the sidelines in the market and the buying is shrinking, including basic petrochemical raw materials such as ethylene and propylene. The prices also continued to fall this week. Eg fell the most. The spot price in the Far East has reached US $829 to US $831 per metric ton, a drop of more than 40% compared with us $1410 per metric ton at the beginning of January

the industry pointed out that although the spot price of ethylene in the Far East has fallen below US $1300, the contract price of PetroChina ethylene in China is US $1600. This week, the spot price of EG per metric ton in the Far East is less than US $900. The producers are simply doing business at a loss

the manufacturer said that based on the ethylene supply price of about USD 1600 at the contract price of CNPC in August, the eg quotation must be at least USD 1003 to meet the cost, but the current quotation is less than USD 850 per metric ton. The main domestic eg manufacturers are Nanya, Donglian and China National fiber. Eg prices continue to fall. Facing the off-season of the fourth quarter, it is bound to compress the industry's profits in the third quarter

according to the latest spot price released by Platts in the Far East this week, the price of ethylene per metric ton is $1230 to $1240, down $70 from last week; Compared with the soaring oil price in early July and the record high price of US $1660 per metric ton for ethylene, the price per metric ton has plummeted by US $400 in less than two months. Although the decline of propylene is small, it has also continued to drop by US $1500. The latest quotation this week was $1509 to $1,51 per metric ton, with a range of $1 within a certain range, down nearly $200 from the high-end price in July

pta also fell a lot. The spot price in the Far East fell below US $1000 for the first time from US $975 to US $980 per metric ton; This is also compressed to the profit of major PTA manufacturers such as Taihua

however, excluding the friction force of jaw movement, the spot price of methyl methacrylate (MMA) did not fall sharply. The industry pointed out that the commonly used plasticity index is the elongation obtained from the tensile test of smooth samples. The main reason is that the international MMA manufacturers are in annual repair, and the market supply is tight, so there is little room for price decline. As for the spot prices of the five general-purpose plastics, they also continued to fall. Due to the wait-and-see of downstream manufacturers and the off-season in the fourth quarter, the U.S. blow molding machine and thermoforming machine market may also have a mixed situation in the fourth quarter, resulting in serious stagnation, which will be detrimental to the profit performance of the plastics industry in the fourth quarter

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