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Handmade soap contains natural glycerin and plant essential oil, which has extraordinary moisturizing effect and is mild to skin. Foam is delicate and rich, which can completely remove oil stains in the depths of pores. Make skin moist, shiny and elastic. In addition to its amazing cleansing power, it will not damage the cuticle of the skin at all

part 1: cute sweet series

product recommendation 1: Cute Hello Kitty sauce moisturizing soap

price: 5.95 yuan

function: moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cleaning other effects

editor's recommendation: particularly mild coconut oil ingredients, give skin more softness, nourishment and care. The rose moisturizing formula helps improve the dryness of the skin and makes the skin feel light and moist

product recommendation 2: manual creative essential oil soap

price: 6.80 yuan

color: transparent

size: length 70 * width 70 * thickness 14 mm

editor's recommendation: it has the effects of nourishing skin, moisturizing skin, weakening fine lines, increasing skin ruddy and elasticity. Cute shape brings a good mood all day

product recommendation 3: Thai small corn bath soap

price: 19.90 yuan

editor's recommendation: a very small half of corn, it looks very real, not to eat. kawaii! Make your bathroom different

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