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Many consumers have this experience. After investing a lot of money and spending a lot of effort, they finally ushered in the decorated new house, but found that the decoration quality problems are everywhere. Therefore, for the quality problems that may occur in the construction, people with decoration experience remind that it is very important to pay attention to the process monitoring during the decoration

■ spot check the construction process

Li Chi, general manager of Xi'an Branch of Beijing Longfa decoration company, said that as an owner, it is best to understand the construction process standards of the decoration company and the decoration process standards stipulated by the state before decoration. When the decoration starts, the householder can compare the actual construction process on site according to the specified process standards to see if there is any discrepancy

huotao, general manager of Shaanxi Fushang home decoration company, told reporters that for ordinary owners, the simplest monitoring method is to check on site. For example, in the construction of waterways and circuits, if the wiring is slotted, it must be routed through pipes, and there must be no damage and broken ends. If any, it is best to solve it with a junction box; A threading tube can only thread 4 wires at most

when laying the wood floor, check whether the ground is leveled, especially after laying the keel of the solid wood floor, check whether the fireproof material is painted, whether the insect proof medicine is sprayed, etc. these details must be supervised in place

■ on site acceptance of decorative materials

the use of decorative materials is an important part of house decoration, which determines the final effect and quality of the house. Therefore, it is also very important to check the materials. Zhang Jian, general manager of Xinshang decoration company, said that if the decoration company provides materials, first of all, we should clarify the brand, specification, color, texture, manufacturer, price, etc. of the materials with the decoration company, and make an agreement in writing

when the decoration materials enter the site, the owner must accept the materials on site. The specific method is to see whether the outer packaging of materials is intact and tidy, whether there is inspection certificate, warranty card, etc., and whether there is damage, bumps, scratches, etc. See whether the specification, texture, manufacturer, color and quantity of the material are consistent with the original agreement of both parties

Li Chi, general manager of Xi'an Branch of Beijing Longfa decoration company, believes that in the decoration process, due to the involvement of water, electricity, paint, carpentry and other types of work, a variety of processes are generally arranged in sequence according to the law. Once the order is reversed, it is easy to cause delays in the construction period or waste of materials. Therefore, It is suggested that the householder should supervise the handover of various types of work on site. If he does not understand it well, it is suggested to hire a qualified and experienced individual or institution to assist in the acceptance, so as to avoid disputes or adverse consequences

■ clarify the skill level of workers

Huo Tao, general manager of Shaanxi Fushang home decoration company, also said that in the decoration process, the technical level of workers is also an important link and guarantee to determine the decoration quality. In reality, owners generally ignore the inquiry and check of workers' identities

he suggested that when signing the contract with the decoration company, the owner should clarify the skill level of the construction workers, and even determine the identity of the construction workers, try to ensure that the workers actually participating in the construction are the best workers, and put an end to the possible quality problems in the worker link

and Mr. Wang, who has just finished decorating the house, also reflected that the technical level and sense of responsibility of the workers in the decoration company are also uneven, with different good and bad, so the owner must determine the construction workers with the decoration company in advance, and reconfirm whether they are the workers agreed by both parties at the construction site

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