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Speaking of the problem of family cost budget, most owners said that what they were most afraid of was that they didn't review the budget quotation carefully before planning the decoration, and because they didn't know much about the decoration, there were many loopholes in the contract, and they couldn't really say what was wrong, so they were trapped by the routine. In the end, only a mute ate Coptis and couldn't say anything, and the decoration also became a kind of "torture". Today, Wuhan Decoration editor will tell you how much is the decoration of 118 square meters of Country Garden Holiday Peninsula

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housing area: 118 square meters; Housing structure: two bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms; Decoration method: half package; Decoration company: landscape home decoration (Group decoration of Country Garden Holiday Peninsula community)

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in family decoration, it is conceivable that attention is paid to water and electricity infrastructure projects and guest restaurants. Because the owner's house area is relatively large, and it is more popular with European and American customs, the style is basically determined, and the natural background wall needs to be retro shaped, In addition, there is a leisure area and a bar in the living room, which is naturally slightly more expensive

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