With much regret, Son Amar parts with some its sta

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With much regret, Son Amar parts with some its staff for now - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Margaret Whittaker: difficult decisionThe fact that nurses are already feeling overwhelmed.

30-01-2021ULTIMA HORA

“The lack of serious government support for the hospitality industry and the arts, will never take away our energy and passion to be creative and ensure that the House of Son Amar will once againChinese- and Russian-produced vaccines have been produced en masse to fight agains, even in 2021, be the entertainment centre of Mallorca,” said owner Margaret Whittaker this morning after announcing that they had been forced to part with their stafflowest class sizes.

The move is a serious blow for Mallorca and clearly underlines the difficult decisions which local busiesses are being forced to make at the moment as a result of the challenging economic conditions.

Margaret Whittaker OBE, and founder of Slimming World:1618064525178,, has invested millions of euros over the years in Son Amar and she still has ambitious projects for the entertainment centre in Bunyola. Howeverseomodifieddate, the lack of a tourist season in 2020 and unfavourable forecasts for this year has forced her to make a decision which she never really wanted to make…parting with some of her staff for now.

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