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European and American enterprises continue to increase investment in China's packaging market

the promulgation and strict supervision of China's new labor law, the appreciation of the RMB and the increase in human costs have made some enterprises start to consider whether to withdraw from the Chinese market. However, judging from the fact that some European and American leading enterprises in China continue to strengthen investment in China's packaging industry or related markets recently, the Chinese market is still one of the most promising investment markets for multinational enterprises, and there is no change

Honeywell expands its Shanghai R & D center

Honeywell special materials group is a global leader in providing customers with high-performance special materials. Its products include fluorine products, special films and additives, advanced fibers and composites that show opportunities to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, intermediates, special chemicals, electronic materials and chemicals, and petroleum refining technology and materials

at the China International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition (Interphex 2008), Honeywell special materials group announced that it would expand the production of Aclar film to meet the growing demand. Aclar film is a transparent moisture barrier material, which is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging. The growth of existing production capacity and the improvement of overall productivity are expected to increase the production of Aclar at the potsville plant in the United States by 23% before the end of 2008 when 2 lactide (LA) is a chiral molecule

in order to support the growing customer demand in China and Asia, Honeywell special materials group established the Asia Pacific Technology Center in Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech Park at the end of 2004. The technology center is one of the seven advanced R & D centers of special materials group in the world and the only advanced R & D center in the Asia Pacific region. At the end of 2006, Honeywell announced that it would continue to expand its Asia Pacific Technology Center in Shanghai, and the expansion project is expected to be completed in mid-2008. Functional products including special films, including Aclar, are one of the key research areas of the technology center

Alfa Laval group is one of the leading group companies in the packaging industry. It is also a global leader in providing heat exchange, separation and treatment of hydraulic fluid with low viscosity in winter. Its products are widely used in many industries such as energy, heating and air conditioning, food processing, environmental protection and shipbuilding. On May 28, Alfa Laval group announced that it had expanded its factories in Jiangyin and Kunshan. Lars renstr ouml, CEO and President of Alfa Laval group; Mr. m specially rushed from Sweden to the two factories near Shanghai to participate in the expansion ceremony. A few years ago, a new production line was built in the Jiangyin factory of Alfa Laval, which doubled the production capacity of brazed plate heat exchangers and met the strong demand of the heating and refrigeration industry. Another plant for assembling disc centrifuges has also been put into production. At present, Alfa Laval has invested 40million yuan (about 3.6 million euros) in the expansion of Jiangyin factory. The new investment will double the output of plate heat exchangers to an annual average of 10000 pieces, and increase the annual output of rubber sealing gaskets by 40%. If Jiangyin's experimental machine responds very quickly (this is the intention of active control to try to reach), the expansion of the factory will add 100 jobs

at the same time, Kunshan factory expanded last year due to the substantial increase in sales and production demand from another factory. The new investment of 17million yuan (about 1.5 million euros) will increase the production of Kunshan factory from 900 pieces in 2007 to 2500 pieces next year

as Mr. Chen Hui, President of Alfa Laval (China), said: these new investments have increased our confidence in the Chinese market, enabling us to better realize our commitments to customers

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