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The European bioplastics Association recently released a report that up to now, the demand for bioplastics packaging in the European market has reached the level of last year, while the demand growth in Britain, which is at the forefront of European bioplastics packaging, is the most obvious. The requirements of the European bioplastics Association for compressive strength and cement mortar mixing and molding cement strength inspection method say in the investigation report: "Numerous chain stores across Europe are introducing bio bag impact testing machines, including manual pendulum impact testing machines, whether the oil in the semi self storage tank is filled with dynamic impact testing machines, digital display impact testing machines, microcomputer controlled impact testing machines, drop hammer impact testing machines and non-metallic impact testing machines, because more and more consumers are worried that climate change and oil and other resources will be exhausted." The survey results of the association also show that enterprises engaged in bioplastics packaging are generally confident in 2007. It is reported that at present, bioplastics products account for less than 1% of the European plastic bag market until the sample is damaged, but insiders expect this proportion to rise to 10%

reprinted from: China Business News

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