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European and American industrial robot enterprises wrestle with China

the Swiss heavy motor enterprise ABB has taken the lead. The company has started localized production since 2005. In 2006, the robot business department was transferred to Shanghai. The current annual production capacity is about 8000 sets. Recently, robots will be expanded from the automotive field to the pharmaceutical and food fields. Japanese enterprises do not pose a threat, and per vegardnerseth, head of ABB's robot business unit, showed confidence

among Japanese enterprises, Yaskawa electric and bueryue successively put their factories in Jiangsu into operation in 2013. Strive to seize all the business opportunities of automation in the fields from intelligent parts to tricycles, brick and stone transportation, and actively catch up with abb

what is worrying is the technology outflow and the imitation of local enterprises. Robot parts such as motors and reducers can be easily purchased locally. The key is the control software

at present, it is said that only Japanese Daiichi 1 enterprises, abb and Germany KUKA robot group (another term group of KUKA roboter fatigue strength attenuation coefficient fatigue notch coefficient) have the ability to manufacture multi joint robots (more than 6 axes) that can complete complex actions under the conditions of removing lead and other difficult materials. Japanese enterprises have technologies and experience honed together with the automotive industry, such as high-speed action and multi robot collaborative operation. Japanese enterprises will press the start key to start the important control software, and the working department will be developed in Japan to prevent the outflow of technology

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