Accident causes and preventive measures of the hot

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Accident causes and preventive measures of tower crane

1. Accident causes

the working characteristics of tower crane are: high tower body, poor stability and many transfers. In addition to the common accidents of general cranes, the prominent major accidents are tower overturning, arm folding, and accidents during disassembly and assembly. The main reasons are: ① non operators start up; ② Overload operation; ③ Inclined lifting; ④ Wind overload; ⑤ Various machine parts are in disrepair; ⑥ The track and ground anchor are unqualified; ⑦7. The above are all the operation steps of the tension test of dry shoelaces. The safety device fails; ⑧ The distance between the crane slewing platform and the building is too small

2. Accident prevention

(1) strengthen technical inspection. Focus on the inspection of metal structures, recent connecting parts, vulnerable parts and safety devices

(2) take timely measures for the deformation, bending, fracture and other phenomena of various parts of the crane during static load or dynamic load

(3) check for cracks and corrosion. All parts shall be free of cracks, open welding, etc. 2 Pressure control of extruder: defects, steel structure welding shall not exceed the specified allowable deviation. The corrosion amount of steel plate shall not exceed 1/10 of the original thickness

(4) work with certificates and operate carefully. The key is that the operator must abide by the operating procedures. 1 is the circular arc synchronous gear belt

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