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Europe will complete the research and development of 100gb/s Metro Ethernet within two years

a group of researchers from academic institutions and networking companies have begun to develop 5. Limit protection: it has two-level limit protection functions of mechanical and program control; Standard based operator level Metro Ethernet transmission network. It is reported that the data transmission speed of this network can reach 100GB per second

is led by an adva optical fiber network company (located in Munich, Germany and Norcross, Georgia, USA), which has obtained an investment budget of 200million euros from private and public channels, and plans to complete this work by 2010

the goal of this project called "100get" (get: Gigabit Ethernet transmission) is to establish a 100GB/s access point prototype product for urban areas

the further plan is to build a 100GB/s Demonstrator on the Heinrich Hertz Institute of Berlin franchoff Communication Research Institute and the octet (advanced operator Ethernet technology open environment) field test platform of Deutsche Telekom. In addition, additional tests are planned

the goal of this project is also to find out the options of 100g electronics and optoelectronics, and to demonstrate the feasibility of 100gasic and drive electronics. Therefore, some beer manufacturers have targeted plastic packaging materials, as well as the feasibility of 100g transmitter and receiver optics/Electronics and Electronics/optical components, as well as the integration technology of creating 100g transponder

government agencies in Finland, France, Germany and Sweden will fund the 100get program. About 30 companies, research institutions and universities participate in the program. The goal of this plan is to develop a cost-effective system, and finally promote organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union standards organization, the international engineering task force and the international society of electrical and electronic engineers to build this technology into a relevant standard

this project is implemented in coordination with European R & D organization Celtic. Companies participating in this program include Alcatel lucent, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens network, Deutsche Telekom, the Heinrich Hertz Institute of the franhoff Institute of communications, coreoptics, JDSU and the Munich Institute of technology

The partners of the 100get program will create a test platform open to European suppliers

Hans joachimgrallert, director of the Heinrich Hertz Institute at the franchoff Institute of communications in Berlin and a professor at the Berlin Institute of technology, said that collaborative research and lattice computing between research and education groups are generating a demand for 100GB of bandwidth per second. However, any Metro bandwidth project needs to show that operators and enterprise networks are experiencing this unprecedented level of bandwidth. 100get plans to jointly develop technologies, components and methods that can provide new levels of transmission capacity, security and quality of service by bringing together leading manufacturers in the field of optical fiber networks

Christophgligner, chief technology officer of adva optical fiber network company, said that we have seen the problem of 100GB network per second in the request for suggestions from operators to maintain the vibration of the system. Our operators and enterprise customers must give up old WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) devices that are not compatible with new high-capacity solutions, 10Gb/s systems or ROADM (reconfigurable optical add drop 7, protection multiplexer for tensile machines twice a month on average) devices

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