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An accident on the Aracruz production line will reduce the production by 25000 metric tons

on September 10 local time, an accident occurred on the Bleached Eucalyptus Pulp (bek) production line of Brazilian Aracruz fiber company located in ESP í Rito Sant, Brazil, which is usually determined by the S-N chart. It is expected that the output will be reduced by at least 25000 metric tons this week. The occurrence of this event will undoubtedly add fuel to the already tight bek market

in the morning of September 10, a leak of energy-saving device was found in a boiler. Joao Felipe carsalade, the company's senior vice president in charge of sales and marketing, said that the recently refurbished boiler was expected to be shut down for days to cool and adjust

this accident will affect the production of production line A. The daily production capacity of this production line is 1, 700 metric tons, and the accident of carsalade will reduce its output 50000 metric tons

A few hours after the boiler accident of production line a, the newly put into operation wood chip conveyor belt of production line C caught fire again, which may lead to the shutdown of the production line for 3 days. The annual production capacity of production line C is 700000 metric tons. It was put into operation in late May and is in the running in period. Its daily output is not fixed. However, due to two accidents on September 10, carsalade said, "we will reduce production by at least 25000 metric tons."

the plant has three boilers and three production lines, with a combined daily production capacity of more than 6000 metric tons. However, due to the strong market demand and the long distance from the main market, the current inventory of the factory is only enough to maintain days according to the minimum demand

carsalade said that the supply of other bek manufacturers is also very tight, and due to different indicators (1) thermal insulation materials, other pulp varieties with sufficient supply, such as northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK), cannot replace it

although the loss of production occurred when the supply was tight, such as the discovery of oil leakage, carsalade said, "we will not disappoint customers."

aracruz has planned to stop production for maintenance for 10 days in October, and the output will be reduced by 22000 metric tons

it is also reported that the overhaul time of other eucalyptus pulp manufacturers are:

Brazil Bahia Sul Fiber Company 13000 metric tons on September 12

Spain ence SA navia factory 22000 metric tons on October 31

pontevedra factory 20000 metric tons on October 21. Although there is still a certain gap in the production technology and scope of domestic flame retardant PP compared with foreign countries at present

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