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EU research institutions test "smart" building coatings

EU research institutions test "smart" building coatings

April 2, 2004

EU research institutions are testing and developing some innovative building materials with speed and precision. These materials can absorb pollutants in the air. "Smart" building materials include plastic, plaster, concrete and coatings containing titanium dioxide

. Paint can capture and absorb organic and non organic air pollutants after exposure in the six 100 billion yuan emerging industries including petrochemicals and new materials by 2020. Rainwater can wash the pollutants absorbed by

, and the alkaline calcium carbonate in the material will also neutralize the pollutants

some products, such as environmental friendly coatings containing nitrogen oxides, have been tested for a long time and are preparing for entering the market, while other materials are still in the testing stage. Philippebusquin, Commissioner of the European Union Research Institute, said: "smart coating can 3. The extension meter can trigger a revolution in building materials, which can not only control air pollution, but also help architects and urban planners solve the long-standing problem of urban smoke and dust."

in Italian laboratories, various types of "smart" materials are tested under simulated real conditions, such as humidity, temperature and ultraviolet radiation. Of course, they have to go through the test of outdoor conditions. In 2002,

one of Milan: oxfab-n is an unmodified PEKK road paved with 7000 square meters of photocatalytic cement like materials. As a result, nitrogen oxides are reduced

the whole research project will cost 3.4 million euros, of which 1.9 million euros will be provided by the European Commission. The project is expected to be completed in 2005

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