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European and American surveys show that the color of food "green" labels is impure

consumers international`s (CI) recently released a survey report entitled "the mixed green nominal has shaken the trust of consumers"

this report, published on July 13, said that "pure natural, biological products, traditional processing methods, animal protection..." and other similar words commonly used on food labels have misled consumers and made them confused

this survey of consumer international is aimed at food with green words on its packaging. The survey results show that in order to enable consumers to choose between real green food and enterprises that use these words only for promotion, this module integrates more than 300 experimental standards, and more clear labels and inspection instructions are needed. Consumer organizations from the following eight countries participated in the survey: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Romania, Slovenia and the United States. The purpose of the investigation is to find out whether the food with the "green mark" really has the content claimed by the mark, and whether the method used is consistent with the claim

these eight consumer organizations purchased a batch of basic and family essential foods, and inspected and verified these foods in accordance with national and international standards. They found that the concepts of "green" and "ecological" have been extended to different degrees in different food types. The contents of many food labels are unproven and mixed, and this experiment can also be carried out at lower temperatures, which is easy to misunderstand

when publishing the survey results, relevant experts of consumer International said, "a considerable number of labels and signs have the following problems: vague content, meaningless, dishonesty, lack of standards and third-party verification." Several examples provided by the survey

tuna: there are 6 different nominal values on 25 cans of tuna, indicating that the food did not harm dolphins during processing, but these words are not verifiable

eggs: among the 17 samples from different countries and languages, there are 6 kinds of words related to animal protection, such as "wild" and "free range", but these words cannot be confirmed and contradict other contents marked on the same label

Ecology: this word is widely used in different countries and languages with different meanings. For example, it is used in yogurt, but it cannot be verified

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