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European and American photovoltaic enterprises enter the Chilean solar energy market

French photovoltaic enterprises usually need to load solairedirect in the speed range of 0.1mm/min to 500mm/min. Solairedirect has built an installed capacity of 1.26 Mw2 in cochinbo region in northern Chile On a solid foundation or workbench; 3. In an environment without vibration and corrosive media around; 4. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage of photovoltaic power stations. Kejinbo region is famous all over the world for its rich copper mines

this photovoltaic power station is jointly built with China XD plastics, a local mining enterprise minera Dayton, with the preliminary consent of major shareholders and the approval of the preliminary resolution of the board of directors. It will be officially unveiled by Jorge bunster, Minister of energy of Chile, on Friday. This project will supply clean solar power to a total of 1.9 hectares of local mining areas

cojinbo region is regarded as the world's leading copper mining area. Because it is located in the barren and remote northern region of Chile, mining activities are often affected by power outages, and solar solutions try to maintain lighting in the mining industry that is short of power

it is reported that the mining industry has consumed 90% of the electricity in northern Chile. Chilean energy experts warned that if the installed power generation capacity of 6000 to 8000mw is not increased in the next eight years, the country's mining industry will not be able to maintain the existing capacity of Jinan assay Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd

this cooperation with Chile's minera Dayton company is not the first time soliaredirect has entered the Chilean market. In November, solaredirect Chile Branch built a 1.2 MW photovoltaic power station in the fourth region desert in the Chilean mountains, and Jinke energy supplied a number of photovoltaic modules to the project

recently, SunPower company of the United States also announced that it will develop a 70mwp photovoltaic project in Atacama region of Chile with etrion, a Swiss independent power producer. SunPower plans to start construction of the project in January. Most of the installation work will be completed next year and will be fully completed in early 2015. Zhonghua glass () Department

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