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The European aluminum can market has shown a steady growth trend

since the mid-1980s, the vibration free can market around European aluminum easy C) has shown a steady growth trend that does not affect the total number of experiments, with an annual growth rate of 5%

in the production of beverage cans in Europe, iron cans and aluminum cans account for about half, and about 14% of aluminum metal materials in Europe are used in the production of beverages. However, due to the high recycling and reuse value of aluminum metals, from the perspective of environmental protection, a large number of aluminum materials have been turned to harmful materials, and the harm to human body has been quite serious, In 1999, Yila increased its investment in R & D and technical support for customers in Asia. 63% of cans were made of aluminum, an increase of 2% over 1998 and 9% over 1999 in 2000

Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Poland and other tank markets began to use 100% aluminum, with about 72% in the UK, 10% in Germany, and 30% in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. At present, the market demand for aluminum cans is about 40billion

source: Chinalco

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