The hottest EU summit will launch a 130 billion eu

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The EU summit will launch a growth promotion plan of 130 billion euros

the EU summit will launch a growth promotion plan of 130 billion euros

June 25, 2012

[China paint information] Germany, Spain, and Tongwang plastic new materials company with a strange smell are suspected of pollution. The leaders of France and Italy announced on the 22nd that they will launch a growth promotion plan of 130 billion euros at the summit held this week, In order to support the economic growth of peripheral member states of the euro zone, this scale accounts for 1% of the EU GDP (GD new controller can automatically test p)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after the four nation meeting that she supported the economic stimulus plan, which showed that the German government, which has always emphasized austerity, has made a certain compromise. However, Merkel is still clearly opposed to promoting growth through borrowing and increasing debt

Italian Prime Minister Monti said that the upcoming EU summit from the 28th to the 29th would be a decisive moment. Unless a lasting solution to the European crisis is found at this summit, the eurozone countries will face "escalating speculative attacks". At present, it is more difficult for Spain and Italy to start financing in the bond market of large-scale EMU procurement bonds, and both need large-scale financing to meet their capital needs

overseas media reported last weekend that euro zone finance ministers had reached an informal agreement to initially use the European financial stability fund (EFSF) to rescue the Spanish banking industry, and then use the permanent rescue fund European stability mechanism (ESM) to allocate funds after July 9

according to the evaluation results provided by two independent consulting institutions, the Spanish banking industry will need up to 62billion euros of new funds to cope with possible losses in the next few years. The Spanish government will seek banking assistance from the European Union based on this assessment report

in addition, according to the prediction of overseas media, Italian Prime Minister Monti, French President Hollande and Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy are expected to require the relaxation of fiscal policy in the eurozone or the issuance of common bonds in the eurozone

analysts believe that once there are signs that Europe will formulate a unified and comprehensive plan to contain the raging debt crisis, they will attract Fenglai to invest quickly. Barclays believes that investors hope that the summit will have three outcomes: a roadmap for fiscal integration, measures to improve banking regulation in the euro zone, and measures to revive economic growth

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