Defy the trend and invest 20million yuan, Dehui pa

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Defying the trend and investing 20million yuan, Dehui packaging project was successfully put into production

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every few minutes, the foam hole plate slides down the assembly line. Recently, I saw the new Dehui packaging project in Fujian Jinxing industrial park

behind the efficient production is more than 10 high-precision intelligent production equipment operating at full power and high speed in Dehui factory

"Jinjiang Dehui packaging materials Co., Ltd. was invested by Jinxing group this year and was successfully put into production at one time on April 24. In recent days, it has operated smoothly." Heweizhi, general manager of Dehui packaging, told that Dehui packaging project covers an area of 4500 square meters with a total investment of 20million. In the first phase, 12 foam hole forming machines for chemical fiber will be invested, with an annual output of 8million chemical fiber special boards and an output value of 65million. The new material sector has more than real growth opportunities

in extraordinary times, there is still a large capital investment, and Dehui packaging has its own considerations. He Weizhi said, "The establishment of Dehui packaging relies on the position and brand of Jinxing group in the industry, which can gather and give full play to advantageous resources, realize complementary advantages and resource integration, and achieve a win-win situation. Through appropriate heat treatment process to increase its mechanical properties, we will take this production as a new starting point, quickly start and speed up project construction, grasp opportunities, make full use of advantages, further increase capital, technology and talent investment, and accelerate development."

we learned that Dehui packaging specializes in foam hole boards for chemical fiber and various foam packaging boxes, paper products, foamed plastics, plastic packaging boxes, etc. Supporting the chemical fiber factory in the park and Fujian Yijin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., the project will effectively improve the product packaging quality of the chemical fiber company and reduce the packaging cost. "Thanks to the adoption of the most advanced automation equipment and control system in China, the company has fewer employees, low labor costs and energy consumption savings of more than 40% compared with the same industry." He Weizhi said that according to the market situation, Dehui packaging will consider investing another 5million in the second phase to purchase several sets of equipment specializing in the production of foam packaging boxes to serve the surrounding seafood wholesale markets and fruit packaging

in order to survive in the fierce market competition as soon as possible, Xi technology has been engaged in the high molecular material modified plastic industry: Li Min

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