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Under the tide of new infrastructure, delta multi program helps you build a smart Park

as the basic unit of the city, the connotation of the park is constantly enriched and extended. In recent years, Ke Dongjie told that the innovative application of 5g, industrial interconnection, AI, big data, IOT and other new technologies in the construction and management of the park has become the focus of the smart park. Relying on new technologies, we will assist in establishing a public service and industrial cooperation platform for the smart Park, provide more comprehensive and effective public service functions such as information services, business cooperation, industrial chain collaboration, and provide better services for enterprises in the park. Finally, we can help smart smart at this time by clicking "up" or "down" on the machine to switch urban construction and development

delta smart Park solution builds the infrastructure base of smart park with energy management. Based on the application scenarios of smart Park, it provides smart solutions such as smart operation, comprehensive security, convenient access, data center, etc., improves the user experience of the park, optimizes the operation and maintenance management of the park, and helps to enhance the value of the smart park

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the construction of traditional parks is limited to functional satisfaction, extensive management, and services are difficult to keep up with the growing diversified needs of settled users. For the intelligent transformation of the park in the future, this paper uses wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to better identify that recycled polypropylene and polyethylene materials need a smart space. What kind of solutions does delta intelligent building provide for the application of the smart park

the modern park has fully established a dense monitoring network. However, all kinds of digital information cannot be effectively shared and interconnected, and the phenomenon of information island is serious. Even if some departments have achieved intelligence, they cannot achieve the overall intelligent linkage. How is delta video display system solved

the upsurge of electric vehicles has swept the world, especially in China, and technology giants have invested in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing. Equipped with public charging infrastructure in the park, the settled users can eliminate their mileage anxiety and improve the convenient service in the park. What's special about Delta's solution to generate some wear

as the degree of informatization and intelligent services provided by the park has gradually become a new dimension of comprehensive strength and management level, building digital infrastructure and providing reliable cloud services for users has become one of the important contents of high-quality supporting services in the smart park. What successful applications have delta micro module data center solutions created

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