Dejieli liquid nitrogen tunnel quick freezing line

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Dejieli liquid nitrogen tunnel quick freezing line for fresh and sweet Salt Lake shrimp

the Bohai Bay near Tianjin is rich in Oriental shrimp (including Salt Lake shrimp). The shrimp is long and strong, with thin shell and fat meat, smooth and bright, delicious taste, unique flavor, high protein content and rich nutrition. It is a valuable seafood treasure, which is very beneficial to human health. For a long time, it has been favored by consumers at home and abroad

case introduction

the customer Tianjin Sanli is a municipal key leading enterprise in the industrialization of agriculture in Tianjin. Its salt lake shrimp is also a high protein nutritional aquatic product, and the customer's Salt Lake shrimp is semi wild cultured in a pollution-free certified salt lake. When the high-quality salt lake shrimp reaches the capture period, the traditional mechanical freezing will have the following problems:

- the traditional mechanical production capacity is constant, the shrimp production capacity cannot be improved, and a large number of shrimp cannot be frozen in time. Shrimp cannot be captured in time, which costs a lot of breeding costs.

- the traditional mechanical freezing speed is slow. A 100lb dynamometer installed in a 1000lb mold frame is slow, and some shrimp will have blackheads, The overall taste and nutritional value of shrimp cannot be guaranteed

- the traditional mechanically frozen shrimp has a short storage time, which is not conducive to the promotion of Salt Lake shrimp

in view of the problems faced by customers, dejieli has built an 11 meter modular ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen quick freezing tunnel line for Tianjin Sanli, Through the liquid nitrogen quick freezing process developed by dejieli, which is from the medical business headquarters of Suzhou gold wire and Telecommunications (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gold Medical") and the customer on site, we can help customers solve the above problems

help customers freeze Salt Lake shrimp very quickly in a short time. After six months of low-temperature storage, when consumers eat it, they will still be shocked by the q-bomb and sweetness of liquid nitrogen quick-frozen Salt Lake shrimp. At the same time, the amount of Salt Lake shrimp quickly frozen by dejieli liquid nitrogen quick freezing tunnel line is twice that of traditional mechanical freezing. In addition, the matched ice wrapping tank has uniform ice wrapping quality and reduces manual losses. This is how the smooth area is composed, which not only improves the flexibility of the process and brings benefits to customers, but also ensures the quality of Salt Lake shrimp

in addition, during the on-site installation and commissioning of the ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen quick freezing tunnel line for customers, the professional and meticulous technical services of the technical engineers of dejieli have been unanimously praised by customers. Dejieli always cares about the needs of customers before "surgery", and sincerely serves customers. More customers are welcome to consult dejieli's products

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