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Defogging and defrosting methods for car glass in winter

the temperature is low in winter. When you get up and drive in the morning, there is often a thin layer of frost on the car glass, which is not easy to remove

defogging and defrosting methods for car glass:

I found a layer of fog on the car glass in the morning. The main reason is that the car glass is in contact with the outside world, and the temperature is low. The water vapor in the car condenses on the glass. There are two ways to remove this kind of fog, one is to increase the temperature of the glass, the other is to reduce the humidity in the car

professionals in car decoration and beauty shops remind that in fact, the instructions of many cars introduce the method of demisting, that is, adjust the air conditioner outlet to the windshield, turn on the air conditioner switch, and let the compressor work for dehumidification. However, if you turn the temperature control knob to the cold wind at this time, the people in the car will certainly be too cold to stand, so you can place the temperature knob in the warm wind position to achieve the purpose of both demisting and heating

the demisting operation of the automatic air conditioner is very easy. Turn on the automatic air conditioner and turn the mode switch to the demisting gear. At this time, the air conditioner will automatically switch to external circulation, and the fresh air outside will enter the cab, and the demisting will begin. If it is a manual air conditioner, first of all, adjust the wind direction switch to the demist gear, start the external circulation to blow in fresh air, and adjust the compressor and wind speed to the maximum to speed up the demist drive mechanism by decelerating the electromechanical speed. If you feel that the demist of the side glass is not fast enough, you'd better close the two central air outlets to make the air flow at the air outlets on both sides blow away the fog quickly. You can also open the window appropriately to speed up the demist

in addition, special demister can also be used to remove fog, and the biggest advantage of this demister is "prevention", so it is particularly practical when driving

according to professionals, spray the special glass cleaning and antifogging agent on the car glass and wipe it clean. While removing the dirt on the glass, it can also form a thin protective film on the glass, which can effectively prevent the fog formed by the condensation of water vapor on the glass. Generally, the spray can last for one day

the fog is easy to deal with. If the weather is too cold, you will feel that the car glass is "frozen" in the morning, with a thin layer of frost on the surface. When you clear it, start the car first, wait until the water temperature comes up, block it with a hot wind blower, wait until the ice on the windscreen is blown away, and then brush it with a wiper. You have to wait a long time before you can drive on the road. It's really troublesome. What's a good way

the reason why the car glass is "frozen" is that after people left the car the night before, there is still hot gas in the car, which makes the temperature of the car glass higher than that outside the car. If the external temperature is too low or it snows, all walks of life become more and more concerned about green environmental protection. When the snowflakes fall on the glass, they melt first. In the process of snowflakes melting, when the temperature in the car gradually decreases to the same temperature as that outside the car, the melted snow water on the glass begins to freeze, The snowflakes that fall after freezing no longer melt and cover the ice like a quilt: "when driving in the morning, the snow on the glass is easy to remove, but the frost below is difficult to deal with."

a clever way is to stop the car after using it. Don't lock the car and leave immediately, but wait patiently for a while. Open the doors on both sides for ventilation. When the temperature in the car drops to the same temperature as that outside the car, turn on the power supply, use a wiper to brush the residual snow on the front windshield clean, and then leave. After clearing the snow the next day, you don't have to worry about the annoying frost

for the rear window glass, it is easier to deal with the frost that appears in the loading glass by driving the lead screw to rotate through the synchronous gear belt. Most cars are equipped with the rear window grille defroster. The defroster will consume the battery power when it works. When it is used, it must first start or even lose money. When it is used, the engine must be started, and then press the rear window demist switch. Basically, the defroster will close automatically after 10 minutes

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