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Beer carton Market Analysis (Part 1)

in recent years, China's beer industry is rapidly emerging from the decline of overall benefits in the past decade; It shows a strong upward momentum. The beer production in 2004 increased by 15.23% over the same period in 2003: the total sales increased by 17.58% year-on-year, achieving a total profit of 2.999 billion yuan, an increase of 739 million yuan over the same period last year. According to a survey in Shanghai, the total beer consumption in Shanghai in the first half of the year reached 380000 kiloliters, of which the sales volume in June alone exceeded 100000 kiloliters, reaching 110000 kiloliters, an increase of 22% over the same period. Based on this sales volume, an average of three Shanghainese people consume a bottle of beer a day. In the summer of 2005, reports about the "formaldehyde incident" were widely reported in the major media, but beer sales did not seem to have been much affected, but rose steadily because of the rising temperature. Fortunately, the "formaldehyde incident" was soon clarified. Although it had a considerable impact on China's beer exports, the reaction of domestic consumers was much calmer, and beer was still "buy as you drink". It can be seen that China has formed a relatively stable beer consumption group, and this consumption market will have a snowballing trend. The demand for beer cartons in the whole carton industry will definitely increase with the growth of beer production

not only these, because the beer consumption market in developed countries in Europe and the United States is almost saturated, since 2003, many international beer giants have rushed to share the Chinese beer market by means of joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, etc., thus arousing domestic domestic brands to rise up to meet the challenges of foreign beer brands and strengthening the integration. Moreover, small and medium-sized beer enterprises are struggling under the dilemma of high production costs. All kinds of signs and analysis show that the trend of concentration in the beer industry is becoming clearer, which is another favorable situation for beer cartons. The production of beer cartons will be relatively more concentrated. For carton enterprises with rising raw material costs, large orders undoubtedly reduce costs in disguise, thereby improving profit margins. However, on the other hand, beer cartons have higher requirements for technology and quality than other types of cartons, and the profit space they contain is superior to ordinary cartons

beer carton packaging will dominate beer dry packaging

"beer dry packaging" refers to the group packaging of beer that has been filled or bottled (there are also a small number of bag packaging in the market in recent years). In China, the dry packaging of bottled beer is basically plastic (or wood) Turnover box, corrugated box and heat shrinkable plastic film. The packaging form of bundled beer has been banned in the national standards GB/4927-2001 beer and GB/4928-2001 beer analysis methods, which have been officially implemented since January 1, 2003

the one-time investment cost of plastic turnover boxes is large, and it is not suitable for foreign sales markets, because recycling is a problem; Second, there are potential safety hazards if the top is not sealed. Beer bottles are easy to explode under the collision of long-distance transportation or long-term sunlight. In this way, if there is an explosion when carrying beer boxes, the bottle cap and glass flakes splash, which is easy to hurt people; Third, the friction between the turnover box and the beer bottle, as well as between the beer bottle and the beer bottle, is easy to scratch the beer bottle body. In addition, this turnover box has another deficiency, that is, it does not have the csl-y type double knife hydraulic broaching machine to crack the sample gap, and the double knife double position publicity function; Finally, the turnover box is heavier than carton and plastic film, and the same truck can transport less beer. Therefore, this kind of outsourcing form is only applicable to the popular and low-end beer market. It should be said that with the enhancement of brand awareness of beer enterprises, the use of turnover boxes will be less and less

the biggest advantage of plastic film lies in its low cost, but it has many inconveniences, such as: in stacking and transportation, it is necessary to increase the intermediate buffer layer, otherwise it will not only be unstable in stacking, but also damage the lower bottle cap: the physical properties of plastic film are poor, thermal expansion and contraction, fragile in summer, temperature rise and deformation, which makes the movable range between beer bottles become larger, vibration and friction intensify, and even cause bulk packaging, In winter, it will be fragile because it is thin and does not shrink, so it cannot achieve the function of packaging. In addition, such a packaging form also has the problems of lack of publicity function and inapplicability to high-end beer. At the same time, it is inconvenient to carry. Relatively speaking, carton packaging has more advantages:

■ strong protection function. Cartons are fully enclosed, even if there is bottle explosion, it will not cause harm to people. In fact, the beer cartons produced by many manufacturers are equipped with a slow middle grid, which makes the beer bottles relatively independent and frictionless, reducing the possibility of bottle explosion

■ suitable for long-distance transportation. Good cushioning and hardness can effectively alleviate the damage of bottled beer in transportation. The cartons are light, and under the same load, more beer is transported

■ with publicity function. Exquisite carton patterns and eye-catching colors can play a very good role in publicity, whether in transportation or on shelves. This is unmatched by other forms of packaging

technical requirements for beer cartons

on this issue, I interviewed Mr. Luo liansun, the technical director of Qingdao Jiali Packaging Co., Ltd., and Mr. Gu Hua, the technical director of Shanghai aishengya packaging products Co., Ltd. Mr. Luo liansun spoke frankly about the characteristics of beer cartons:

■ non slip. There is a certain pressure in the beer bottle, which is easy to burst. Therefore, during the stacking and transportation of inventory, there must be enough friction between the cartons to prevent the sliding between the stacked beer boxes, causing the beer boxes to tilt, fall and collide, causing the beer bottles to burst. Here we need the ink on the surface of beer cartons with high abrasion resistance. In addition, the ink with low friction resistance will fade badly, while the beer carton has high requirements for the pattern on the surface of the carton. In addition, the surface of beer cartons will be coated with varnish. This is also different from ordinary cartons. There are also wear-resistant and anti-skid requirements for the selection of varnish

■ anti sticking. When the packed beer comes out of the refrigerator and meets the hot air, it will form small droplets on the surface of the carton. The ink on the surface of the carton, especially the varnish, is easy to dissolve in the water and produce viscosity, which is easy to bond the stacked cartons and damage the printing effect on the surface of the carton. This is a point that needs attention in printing and ink. The requirement of varnish is very high, and ordinary varnish is difficult to achieve such an effect

■ realize automatic packing of the machine. The requirements for flatness, strength and hardness of cartons are very strict, otherwise the packing line cannot be used, and the phenomenon of machine jam will appear

therefore, there are special requirements for the selection of paper, ink, etc. Luo liansun said that beer cartons have high requirements for the quality of base paper. Many beer customers used to require imported paper, but at present, the price of paper has increased significantly, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of using imported paper for carton factories. In fact, some high-quality domestic paper can also meet the packaging requirements of beer users. Because the brewery produces liquid products, the humidity of the factory is high, coupled with the requirements of transportation and storage, generally speaking, domestic grade a paper can be selected. The choice of ink should pay attention to anti sticking, anti dissolving and friction resistance. Beer cartons generally use coated paper offset printing, which has high requirements for ink, and also has high requirements for the mechanical property testing and process capability analysis of ink adsorption spring testing machine for various springs

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