Analysis of the hottest and most difficult colors

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Analysis of the most difficult colors and prepress design experience

printed matter embellishes our life and adds brilliant colors to our life. So what are the characteristics of qualified printed matter? The popularization of printing improves the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and the prevention and control of environmental pollution. There are a wide range of complementary aspects, and there are many problems that need to be paid attention to. Because I have done things in the printing factory for several years, I will briefly analyze eight difficult colors and some pre press design precautions with my personal experience

1. Gray balance. According to the experience of theory and production practice, the most difficult color to control is gray balance. Gray balance is that under certain printing suitability, the yellow, magenta and cyan primary color plates are combined and overprinted from light to dark according to a certain proportion of points to obtain achromatic colors with different brightness (white, light gray, gray, dark gray and black), that is, the color of neutral gray in vision is obtained. There are many factors that affect it. The amount of ink used in printing, paper, full plate concentration, dot area, overprint and the number of screen lines will have countless effects on the gray balance, This is the most test of the overprint accuracy of the machine and the skill level of the operator

2, 4 and 3 colors, do not print the full page color (it is recommended to use spot color printing)

3. Things designed by people who do not know printing are the most difficult to print. Color is on the one hand, too many multicolor lines are thin, very small characters are transparent white, etc

4, c=50 m=50 y=50 k=50 Daping, a little inaccuracy will cause serious color deviation

5. The characters are four colors, that is, there are characters in all four colors in CMYK, especially the very small characters, which are difficult to cover, and the requirements for the paper teeth of the machine are very high. This is also a common problem, so the prepress designer must check whether the black text, especially the small characters, in the publication documents are only available on the black version, and should not appear on other tricolor versions. If it appears, the quality of the printed products will be greatly reduced. R when China's first graphene based supercapacitor production line is built in Changzhou, the black text will definitely turn into four-color black when the GB graphic is converted to CMYK graphic. Unless otherwise specified, it must be handled

6. It is also difficult to deal with the black background. In order to achieve the effect of black background, 1. The nameplate of the experimental machine can be printed with extra black ink or twice, which is not difficult to print, and it is more laborious

7. Superposition of several color points, especially more than 70% points. Specifically, dark brown, coffee, dark green (flat, containing blue 70), dark blue, purple blue and other colors are difficult to print because of the color difference, which is difficult to find a balance on the printing machine

8. What are the models of friction and wear testing machines for general full page things in printing?, Spot color full page or large area, anti white characters, the same logo, and the same color block, it is generally difficult to follow the color, easy to produce color difference, ghost, rub dirty, scratch phenomenon

in short, qualified prints must meet the following requirements: first, overprint accurately; 2、 Even ink color; 3、 Full point; 4、 Ink balance; 5、 The printed matter has no printing faults, such as dirt, scratches, stencils, pastes, etc; 6、 Strictly loyal to the original. We must pursue high-quality printed matter to adapt to people's increasing aesthetic concepts

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