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According to the introduction, the uniqueness of this instrument can not only tell us "how serious the air pollution is", but also tell us "what the pollution is and where it comes from": we can get the contribution of automobile exhaust in PM2.5 at a monitoring point in Beijing in a few hours, while the traditional technology takes several months

since spams05 mass spectrometer is equivalent to the international advanced level in terms of key indicators such as detection range, detection speed and accuracy, and is superior to similar foreign commercialized instruments in terms of reliability and software friendliness with the global new energy vehicle boom, it has obvious advantages in price performance, so it has achieved a comprehensive surpassing and replacement of similar imported instruments

At present, this achievement plays a key role in the analysis of atmospheric PM2.5 pollution sources, joint atmospheric monitoring and air quality assurance in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Nanjing and other cities. The single particle aerosol mass spectrometer (spams05 type) has achieved a cumulative sales revenue of more than 30million yuan, signed a purchase intention contract of 100million yuan, and has a domestic market share of 100%. It is estimated that the fine data provided by spams05 mass spectrometer will save nearly 100 billion yuan for the treatment of PM2.5. In 2011, Hexin won the "government public bidding procurement project" for the first time at a price of more than 3million yuan for a single set of domestic high-end mass spectrometry instruments with good stability. In 2012, Hexin achieved the first domestic high-end mass spectrometer exported to the United States

mass spectrometer is the only means to directly detect the molecular weight or atomic weight of substances. It is also one of the most cutting-edge scientific instruments in the world, and has become the most important tool for modern scientific research. However, mass spectrometry instruments are widely used, and the Chinese market almost depends on imports, which is expensive. There are also gaps in high-end core technologies and industrial chains. Over the past eight years, supported by the belief of "being a mass spectrometer for Chinese people", Zhou Zhen's team has systematically overcome many key technologies such as precise laser ionization of single particles as small as 200nm, simultaneous detection of positive and negative ion mass, 4GB massive data acquisition and rapid data analysis, and has obtained independent intellectual property rights

Zhou Zhen said that at present, we have successfully developed eight kinds of mass spectrometers in different application fields. One instrument is an international initiative, one reaches the international commodity instrument level, and one reaches the domestic leading level. Many products have broken the international blockade; After ten years of technical reserves, our team has reached nearly 200 people. The mass spectrometry instrument under development is planned to be launched by 2018. Within a year after the demand for lithium batteries breaks out, it is planned to launch 2-3 commercialized mass spectrometry instruments. The overall technical level is the first in China or internationally

scientific researchers always have an extraordinary persistence, so they are more determined to pursue their dreams. The "Chinese dream" of mass spectrometry instrument of Zhou Zhen and Hexin team is still unfinished, and their efforts are still continuing in order to climb the internationally leading peak

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