Analysis of the hottest American luggage Market

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Analysis of the U.S. luggage market

I. overview of the U.S. luggage industry

there are about 2908 enterprises producing luggage in the United States, with about 12942 employees and an annual sales of $960million. The main states producing luggage in the United States are California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas. As more and more American luggage manufacturers outsource the production of luggage to other countries with low labor costs, such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, etc., the domestic luggage of the United States currently accounts for only 17.8% of the market share, while the imported luggage of the United States accounts for 82.2% of the market share after it has been used for a period of time, and the import volume is $4.44 billion, so the luggage of the United States market mainly comes from imports


 China's luggage exports to the United States have increased rapidly in recent years, accounting for a growing share of the U.S. import market. China is the largest importer of U.S. luggage, and the second largest Italian luggage exports to the United States are only about 10% of China's exports. From 1999 to 2001, China's luggage accounted for 47.51%, 49.88% and 50.51% of the total imports of luggage from the United States, respectively. In 2002, the value of China's luggage exports to the United States reached 2.83 billion US dollars, an increase of 31.6% over the same period last year. The proportion of imports from China in the total luggage imports of the United States in 2002 also increased to 63.68%, an increase of 12.5% over the previous year. Judging from the performance of my absolute leading position in the US Luggage import market, other importing countries such as Italy, Thailand and France will not pose a threat to me in the short term. (see the attached table for details)

 III. The main ways for American enterprises to import luggage from China

 the first channel is the trade conducted by American and Chinese consumer goods manufacturers and large and medium-sized wholesale retailers through agents, which is one of the main forms of China's luggage exports to the United States. These enterprises have a certain strength and are rarely used in actual production. Their business focus is concentrated in the United States, and they do not set up overseas import companies, but through Hong Kong, Macao Taiwan trading company and the United States East-West port trading company act as agents to complete the procurement from China. Who knows the U.S. market, understands the psychology and consumption orientation of U.S. consumers, is proficient in international trade rules, and is also very familiar with the situation of Chinese manufacturers. According to the requirements of U.S. customers, these trading companies make use of their own design technology advantages and customer resources contacted by thousands of manufacturers all over China to take advantage of processing trade (licensing, sampling, packaging design) and product quality supervision, goods delivery, bank settlement and other service advantages, Import Chinese luggage products for the American market. The second channel is the purchasing company set up by large chain retail and manufacturing companies in China. With the reduction of the threshold of restrictions on foreign trade enterprises after China's entry into WTO, this channel will become 3 Limit protection: electronic limit One of the main export channels of our products, such as bags, etc. this kind of channel is characterized by large orders, relatively stable, but low price pressure

; The second category is department stores and high-end supermarkets, which are cheaper than franchised stores, and the brand popularity of bags is also worse than the first category, such as Macys, Dayton Hudson, Marshall fields and Sears. Among the bags sold in these stores, about 30% are made in China; The third category is some large discount supermarkets, such as Walmart, Kmart and Walgreen chain stores, which are cheaper, but most of them are brands with little popularity, of which about 50% are made in China, and some are produced in countries and regions such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Taiwan Province; The fourth category is upper sales. There are all kinds of brands in high, middle and low levels, but the prices are about 10% cheaper than similar products sold in stores

"the major importers of Chinese luggage products in the United States are heritage industry, East West Distribution Co., starpoint, the themos company, Dilana, in And Skyway luggage company

 v. the main luggage brand in the United States

 the largest luggage production brand in the United States is Samsonite Corp, which accounts for 30% of the market share. It has 175 direct sales stores of manufacturers. The Jaguar brand of JCPenney company ranks second, accounting for 7% of the market sales share. Atlantic luggage Co. ranks third, accounting for 6% of the market share. Other brands include Hartmann, turni, boyt and trayelpro, It has a small market share

 VI. suggestions

 1 Chinese luggage manufacturers should pay close attention to the popular trends in the international market and the changes in customers' preferences, and adjust the design of products in time to meet the needs of the market. For example, the design of travel bags in the United States is developing in a multi-functional and more convenient direction, such as designing suitcases and clothes bags into one, which is convenient for travelers to carry

2. Domestic luggage export enterprises should participate in some domestic luggage products industry exhibitions in the United States to understand the latest developments in the industry, promote their products and meet trading partners

3. Chinese luggage export enterprises must establish an exclusive station for their own enterprises, register a special e-mail box for enterprises, and do not use the mailbox on the public mailbox station, otherwise American importers will doubt the credit of the company

4. At present, almost all the bags made in China in the U.S. market are processed by Chinese manufacturers with brands designated by U.S. dealers. According to the characteristics of the U.S. market, at this stage, the vast majority of Chinese luggage enterprises do not have the strength to build their own brands in the U.S. market. Therefore, under the conditions of clear international division of labor, we should further consolidate the low-end market, ensure the quality and reputation of Chinese luggage sold in this market, strengthen industry self-discipline, avoid the vicious cycle of competitive price reduction, and lay a good foundation for building our own brands in the future

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