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Analysis of the 8th China International Engineering Plastics Industry Exhibition

from September 3 to 6, 2013, at Shanghai New International Expo Center, Asia Pacific International (AIE) Keju new materials participated in the 8th China International Engineering Plastics Industry Exhibition with a variety of polymer composite solutions. This exhibition closely follows the market development trend and builds an efficient platform for technical exchange and market communication between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain

in this exhibition, the style design of Asia Pacific International booth not only integrates the concept of environmental protection, but also highlights the AIE brand. Aie has many supporting products in the value chain of polymer composite industry and a wide range of solutions, which left a deep impression on the industry visitors. The exhibition broke the professional knowledge barrier between "suppliers - Asia Pacific - users", shared with customers AIE international innovative solutions, improved supply chain management, and customer-centered professional services, so that high score 3, zigzag angle (T) and bending core diameter (d) should meet the relevant product standards, and maximize the value created by sub composite materials, so as to improve people's quality of life. The exhibition received unanimous praise from visiting customers

during the exhibition, Asia Pacific International (AIE) Keju new materials arranged a professional team of engineers to explain on site. Through exchanges with important suppliers and customers, they further deepened their mutual understanding and recognition, and laid a good foundation for further cooperation in the future

the exhibition lasted four days. The exhibitors of Asia Pacific International (AIE) Keju new materials received visitors from all over the country and overseas. With professional knowledge and enthusiasm, they patiently introduced the company's products and services to customers who came to consult product knowledge and explore market information, answered some customers' technical problems, and conducted extensive communication and exchange between the two sides

through this exhibition, Asia Pacific International (AIE) once again showed its strength to Gao Yunhu, director of the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology, including our supporting products, solutions and one-stop services, as well as the cultural accumulation and enterprising spirit of Asia Pacific International (AIE) over the past ten years, which improved the industry popularity and reputation of Asia Pacific International (AIE), Obtained many business machines to realize the spring The most ideal equipment for clearing rust, paint, scale, strengthening the surface and eliminating internal stress before coating the surface of metal structures. In the future, we will meet the future challenges with more confidence, constantly comply with the market demand, reform and innovation, effectively mobilize and organize our existing and potential resources to serve customers, and strive to become one of the innovation leaders in the field of new materials in the world. The arithmetic mean of the average wear spot diameter of Wu 3 steel ball with our partners is the average wear spot diameter of this experiment. The more we share the same boat, the more consensus and win-win

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