Anhui Heli holds a special meeting on forklift cas

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Anhui Heli held a special meeting on forklift casting quality and technology improvement

Anhui Heli held a special meeting on forklift casting quality and technology improvement

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recently, Anhui Heli held a symposium on improving the quality and application technology of forklift casting parts in Hefei Casting and forging factory. The company's quality department, bridge box business department, New Technology Research Institute, Hefei Casting and forging plant and other relevant principals attended the meeting. Xuebai, general manager of Anhui Heli, attended the meeting and gave an important guidance speech

at the meeting, a casting quality technology research group was established, five research topics were established, and the team members, research contents and relevant requirements were defined

General manager Xuebai pointed out at the meeting that iron castings are increasingly used in forklifts. Liuwenhua, chief engineer of Guangdong Geological Experiment and testing center, said that further improving cutting efficiency, improving component structure, giving full play to the overall functional advantages of high-strength castings and improving the competitiveness of the whole machine require the company's design, process, quality The production and casting and forging plant are integrated, and work closely together to develop phased improvement and promotion plans. In addition, Mr. Xue also put forward five requirements: first, check the product design and pay attention to the manufacturability of the product; Second, we should learn from the quality management experience of foreign high-end users; The third is to draw on the advanced design concepts and methods of foreign high-end castings of the same or similar products; The fourth is to improve the efficiency of tackling key problems through multi-party cooperation; Fifthly, it is necessary to formulate the company's internal acceptance standards for high-strength castings. After the meeting, general manager Xuebai led the participants to carefully watch the structure and processing technology of some foreign high-end castings, and conducted in-depth discussion in MEDTEC China

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